Yippee It's raiders Week


I love Raiders week. Why? Because I'm a Raiders Hater. Normally, I'm not prone to bashing any other team or it's fans, but this is an exception. So put away those sarcasm detectors, cuz you won't be needing them boys and girls.


With a Quarterback the size of Delaware, a 7th pick Dud Wide Receiver that can't catch, and a fan base that resembles the cast of a MadMax movie, how can you not love to hate the raiders?

Pity them? Well maybe.

It's really not their fault they continue to follow the mad calculations of a demented Owner. The Undead collect followers by feeding off the brains of the living, and Al Davis isn't known as The Cryptkeeper for nothing.

As for their coach, any dude that would pound on a woman for any reason needs to be tazed, repeatedly in the groin. I don't know if Cable is guilty, but after the beating he put on one of his own coaches, I'd say he's a menace to society.

Their Stadium in the slums is named "The Black Hole," and everyone knows Black Holes are vacuums. It's no wonder they Suck!

By the way, did I tell you that I hate the Raiders? A raider fan once dated my sister. That is as bad as it gets.

If you look up the word "Raider" in the dictionary, you will find a list of definitions including Pirate and Thief. No wonder Low-lifes and Gang-Bangers relate to this team


The color Black is synonymous with Evil and Darkness and everything unholy.
With the loss of Bruce Gradkowski, the chances of salvaging another win this season are waning. Charlie Frye better be in hiding this week. JaMarcus the Hutt would set aside a "Happy Meal" to eat his competition if that's what it takes for him to get another start.


In fact, the only teammates that are safe are, Sebastian Janikowski who rivals the Hutt in girth, and Darrius Heyward-Blech, who can run like the wind but can't catch a bus.

The Broncos will put another Whoopin' on the lowly Raiders this weekend. Just like this intelligent kid does to his ignorant Ole Man in the video below.

"If you want a guarantee, buy a Toaster "--Clint Eastwood.

Go Broncos!

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