raider Week Baby! - Bold Predictions

I love Raider week, especially this year as we should once again dominate our division rival.  This is an exciting time of the year because this is where the Denver Broncos must prove they are worthy of the playoffs by winning at least 2 of their last 3 games (I think they can win all 3).  But this week should be one that is fun to enjoy because Denver will show that they are a great team by dominating a lesser opponent.  The Raiders have looked a little better as of late, beating Pittsburgh and Cinci..but they're still the raiders.  I am very disappointed that rookie Darcel McBath was injured, because damn was he looking good!  I think we have a very good safety for the future and a great special teams player in him.  See ya next year Darcel!  I know that people have been yelling at McD for not putting Hillis in on short to go situations, but what has Hillis proven this year??? That he can run against a tired Chiefs D?  I know he's not getting the most chances, but there is probably a reason for that, since McD seems to have reasons for everything he does..Anyway, I am going to make some bold predictions for this week Vs. the raidaz.

-Orton is going to throw for 400 yards, 5 TDs, and no INTS, 80% comp.  Just try to avoid throwing toward Asomugha..

-Moreno is going to (FINALLY!) rush for over 100 yards, 140 yards rushing, 50 yards receiving, and 2 rushing TDs

-Royal will have a return TD.  He has been doing well in the return game, and he is due for another one, last time that happened was the win @ SD. Also he will be getting his first receiving TD of the year, a 66 yarder to be exact.  

-DOOM will have 3 sacks AT LEAST.  Does not matter who they put in, Russell, Losman, or Frye.  They better be watching their backs.  Ayers will get to the QB twice.

-While the QB is running from DOOM (every play), they will try to throw the ball away a couple times..right into the hands of Alphonso Smith and  Champ Bailey.  Yes I am predicting the first of many INTs (and TDs) for our rook the Phonz.

-The raiders will average less than 2 yards per carry, and will cough up the ball twice or more (depending on how many carries McFadden gets)

-Denver will block a punt and recover for a TD.  The blocker of the punt: David Bruton.

-Denver will not have to worry about having their punt blocked as they will not punt on Sunday, or turn the ball over.  Prater will make all of his field goals though.

-The raiders will think they have a TD, but the QB could not tell that he was passing deep to Heyward-Bey, he trips and falls, and uh oh interception Hill..

-Brandstater will be put into the game in the 4th quarter due to the Broncos total domination.  The raiders think maybe they can get stop the offense with Tom B., Hillis, McKinley and Lloyd in.  They think wrong as Brandstater goes 12/12 120 yards and a TD, Hillis rushes for 60 yards with a 12.0 average.


Final Score: Denver 86, Raiders 0

(Actual Prediction: Denver 35, Raiders 9)

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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