Mythbusters: Part Two

A number of weeks ago I posted an article debunking some common myths, mostly about the Broncos but the NFL in general as well.  For example, debunking the myth that Kyle Orton is noodle armed or that Josh McDaniels is a Belichek clone.  I feel it is now time for a second installment of common myths that you might hear that simply aren't true. 

Myth #1: Jay Cutler can make any throw on the football field

Jay Cutler can make any throw on the football field to the other team.  This is why arm strength is so overrated and there is a difference between functional arm strength and just being able to whip the ball all over the field.  Jamarcus the Hutt can throw the ball probably 90 yards, but how often in a game does this come up as useful.  Another example, Peyton Manning has incredible arm strength but if you notice most of his passes last sunday had an incredible amount of touch. 

Myth #2: Brandon Marshall will not be with the Broncos next season

Yesterday it seemed all the Denver radio media decided that now that Brandon has a big game it's time to bring up his rift with the Broncos and point out that Brandon won't be a Bronco next season.  The biggest argument is that with Marshall, Doom, Kuper, Orton and Scheffler all up for contracts the Broncos can't possibly keep them all.  Well I hate to dissapoint the MSM, but for the most part these players will fall under restricted free agency because it is looking more and more like we will have an uncapped 2010.  Besides, the Broncos have a lot of flexibility.

I predict the following: They will sign Kuper and Doom to longterm, Franchise tag Marshall for one year, try to sign and trade Scheffler for a 2nd round pick, and try to get Orton to give us a home team discount.  My guess is Orton and Kuper might sign for slightly less than their market value to remain Broncos.  Either way, while the MSM finds it likely Marshall is gone, I find it very unlikely he is gone next season.  Pat Bowlen has even said he will open up the checkbook.   

Myth #3: The Chargers are the best team in the AFC right now

First, I give the Chargers credit because I thought they were headed for 8-8 or 9-7 after the first Broncos game but they really pulled it together.  But this notion that they are better than the Colts right now is based upon their past playoff history with the Colts.  While true, this is a different Colts team and a different Chargers team.  The past Chargers teams beat the Colts with elite pass rushing which they no longer really have.   They've shown flashes but the Chargers defense has some holes.  Plus the Colts are actually playing better defensively than they are offensively.  Right now the Chargers are #2, and will have to play a perfect game if they end up playing the Colts this year.  In fact, I would love it if the Broncos had an opportunity to return to Qualcomm in the playoffs to face the Chargers. 

Myth #4: The Broncos are destined to finish 10-6

No matter what, you can't assume victories vs. the Chiefs and Raiders.  All bets are off in a rivalry game.  However, there is also this assumption the Broncos will lose to the Eagles.  Sure the Eagles are a good team but our pass rush has the ability to Pressure D. McNabb.  Jason Peters is a great left tackle against bigger rushers but he is going to have his hands full with Dumervil.  Plus the Eagles don't run as well as they pass. Yet the Broncos strength is pass defense. I don't know if they'll win but I know the Broncos will show up and give the Eagles a run for their money. 

Myth #5: The Broncos 2009 draft got some decent players but overall was not good

Knowshon Moreno is on pace to have an 1100 yard season which is about where Terrell Davis was his rookie year.  This while splitting double duty with Buckhalter for much of the year.  Robert Ayers has played the run very well, set the edge, and showed a flash of ability in getting after P. Manning last sunday.  He is developing. 

As for the rest McDaniels philosophy comes a lot from Belichick and Parcells and that is limitiing the amount rookies play.  Alphonso Smith played great vs. Cincinatti but hasn't been the same since spraining his ankle.  He has shown great potential though and will get better.  Darcel McBath broke his arm in perhaps his most brilliant game to date.  He will be our future Renaldo HillDavid Bruton has teamed with McBath and Barrett to be an awesome special teams force.  Our coverage is much improved because of him.  Richard Quinn has found ways to contribute and does a good job of blocking in 3 TE sets. 

Seth Olsen has not seen the field, much like Ryan Harris, Chris Kuper, Ben Hamilton and many great o-lineman before him. (And yes, Ben Hamilton in his prime was a great 0-lineman for us.) Kenny McKinley showed great ability in preseason and Tom Brandstater is the quarterback of the future. So much so that the Broncos wouldn't risk putting him on the practice squad.  Finally although Blake Schleuter did not make the team Chris Baker a FA signee could be a great 3-4 NT for us in the future. 

Quick Hits

Easy to fall in love with the Saints because of their offense but their defense is a mixed bag.  They can make big plays like int's, but they also are just plain bad at times.  Not good to have Chris Redman pick you apart. 

Ryan Clady come back to us.  I just think he has to be playing through some sort of injury we don't know about

Chris Kuper, when did you become the best RG in football? I like it.  Sign Him!!!

Ryan McBean-It was brought up a few weeks ago whether you are the key cog to our run defense.  Turns out you are a huge piece of the puzzle.  You don't get much recognition but here are some props. 

Does Shawne Merriman care more about winning or protecting his copyright of Lights Out?  My biggest problem with the dance is when players do it but they are losing.  In the words of Keyshawn "C'mon Man"

Eli Manning, if nothing else, deserves credit for playing with Plantar Fasciaitis. (spelling???) It is an extremely painful injury

Al Michaels, Mike Tirico has passed you as an all around play by play man.  I know some don't like Tirico but I think he's great

Jay Cutler alluded that a Quarterback can make a reciever. Well apparently Jay you were holding B. Marshall back, because he only caught 18 passes in a game with you and got 21 with Kyle. 

Can Indy Colts fans really claim Super Bowl 5 as their own since it was won in Baltimore. The Ravens don't claim all the NFL championships from the 50's because they used to be the Browns.  Know what I'm saying. 

Here is a list of brilliant coordinators who should only be coordinators.  (i.e. not head coaches)

Wade Phillips, Mike Nolan, Cam Cameron, Gary Kubiak (this kills me), Bill Callahan (great o-line coach), Dick LeBeau, Dom Capers, Romeo Crennell, Charlie Weis and Josh McDaniels.  Just kidding on the last one, seeing if you're still here. 

Parting Shot

Rich Gannon doing the Color for another Broncos Raiders game.  Haven't we suffered enough already.  Thank god I'm going to the game and don't have suffer through that drab.  For those of you watching t.v. I leave you with the mute button. 

Go Broncos!

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