Is Jay Cutler better than Kyle Orton?

So, there have been several articles saying that K.O. cannot be a franchise QB. Kreiger said

"The only significant difference between Cutler's stats last year and Orton's this year are the volume numbers. Cutler threw for 4,526 yards. Orton is on a pace to throw for about 3,575, or roughly 1,000 fewer."
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It's true, Orton will have about 1000 yards less than Cutler. The stats I find interesting are this. Orton throws for 7.1 yards per attempt, and Cutler threw last year for 7.3 yards/attempt. Orton has 16 TD's to 8 Interceptions or a 2:1 ratio. Cutler had 25 TD's, and 18 interceptions or about 4:3 which was a huge problem... The stats are off, because a couple INT's by Orton were meaningless, but I can't ignore them because it would be unfair. The way this pans out is that if Orton throws 4 TD's in a game, odds show he will also throw 2 INT's. Last year if Cutler threw 4 TD's in a game, he would throw 3 INT's. Heres how some other big name QB's pan out.

Player (lower % is better)




Jay Cutler (2009)         




Jay Cutler (2008)          




Kyle Orton                        




Tom Brady                    




Peyton Manning            




Drew Brees                  




Brett Favre                       




     So Kyle Orton ranks in TD : INT ratio with the likes of Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. Obviously some QB's are alot lower and some alot higher, but a 50% ratio can be successful in this league. Arizona QB Kurt Warner last year had right at 50% and made the super bowl. Big Ben was higher, and won.      I just dislike all of the attacks on Ortons abilities. Jay cutler threw the ball far more times than Orton last year, which was why his stats were so much higher. Yards/attempt being almost equal, if they threw the same amount of attempts they would be looking at very similar numbers, except Orton would have far less INT's.        Cutler can throw the ball 70 yards, which is great and all, but if his arm is so much better than Ortons, how come his yards per attempt are almost identical? I have seen Orton throw a few hard passes this season for around 20 yards or so.. Personally I think Orton will command this offense for a few more years, and will only get better...  

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