I Recant! May the Oakland Raiders Dwell in Permanent Disarray

I recently wrote an article suggesting that even though the Raiders still are known to upset the Broncos, the rivalry has lost some of its luster. I have taken a lot of flack from Raiders fans and my fellow Broncos fans alike. Click here to read some of the comments from Raiders and Broncos fans alike. raiders While I personally try to stay away from making any personal attacks on people when I leave comments, I am more than willing to go to battle with any of the delusional, obnoxiously arrogant fools who call themselves Raiders fans. They are not even devoted to their team, they are devoted to a stupid mystique that is really a joke. They won some Super Bowls back in the day. Whoopdee doo! They are scary because they wear black, gang up on opposing fans, and are even willing to shank you. Wow, congratulations! Here is the fact. Regardless of what you did to us the last season, Oakland (and I did acknowledge that the Broncos should never take you lightly), your 4-9 record shows that you suck. Your quarterback situation shows that you suck. Your owner's ridiculous management of the team shows that you suck. Your inability to accept a Bronco fan's appreciation of our history and our rivalry shows that you suck.

This blog is syndicated with I don't really get a lot of readers, and that is fine. It's a work in progress. I post my thoughts here, at MHR, and Bleacher Report. For whatever reason, Bleacher report automatically posted the previous article in the Oakland Raiders section. Boy, were they upset about it. How dare a Broncos fan talk down to them!

I have seen the light now. There is no other way to talk about the Raiders than condescendingly or hatefully. Their fan base is puffed up for no reason. They would like to accuse us of that, and I am sure there are some loud-mouths among us. Every team has obnoxious fans though, but no one compares to Raider Nation.

Yosemite Sam, a member of MHR, beautifully said, "I hate the raiders and especially their fans because I live in raiderland and I have to deal with them every day. That’s my starting point when I meet a raiderfan, and it is up to them to change my mind. Some have. Most haven’t."

I think I was trying to say that there are some decent Raiders fans out there, but I am starting to doubt that there are many. From now on, Yosemite Sam, I am embracing your logic. It is up to them to prove to me that they don't deserve to be despised. My first impression now will be that the Raider fans are a bunch of arrogant, classless, inhumane scumbags with a sadistic fascination with drunken mob violence and destruction which normal football fans despise.

I love my Broncos, but I am not delusional. The 2006-2008 seasons were horrendous, in my opinion. The middle of this season was a disaster too. Still, we have had a better record than the Raiders for the past few years. That is a fact. The Raiders haven't won more than five games in a season since 2002.

I hope we start stomping the Raiders like we are capable of doing every time. Josh McDaniels is not going to let the Broncos continue to take lesser opponents like the Raiders and Chiefs (44 to 13 in Kansas City) lightly; that was a Mike Shanahan thing (speaking of Shanahan, he sure had the Raiders number for a while).

I hope that Al Davis continues to make a fool of himself and ruin the Raiders in so doing. I hope he continues to fire coaches so that no stability and continuity develops. I hope he uses his early first round pick on some quarterback, wide receiver, or kicker that none of us has really heard of. I hope that quality players like Jeff Garcia continue to request that they be traded out of Oakland because they can't see any hope playing there.

I hope that I can continue to laugh hysterically at the delusional antics of Raiders fans. I hope I can hear a bunch of them saying, "Your team hasn't won a Super Bowl" or "Your team hasn't won a playoff game in years" after they lose game after game. I hope I can keep a grin on my face when I read ridiculous comments like "You’ve lost 5 of your last 7 games… So where do you get off trying to talk down to us…." from a Raiders fan whose team has lost nine of its last thirteen.

Raiders fans, you will not hear the end of it after we stomp your ugly mugs on Sunday. Happy Holidays.

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