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The Empire crumbled to dust. Bloodletting. Suffering. Sorrow. Thus began a decade of nomadic wandering.

No leader emerged, traitorous souls grew bold. The Master of Minds worked tirelessly to rebuild, to no avail. A new rival arose, a great figure who rode upon a colt - destroyer of orangemen.

The rider of colts squelched the hopes of the Master of Minds everywhere he went. Desire waned, complacency spawned.

Languishing as a pawn to other greater nations, a Lynch mob formed - led by a bearded plumber and a great Champion of the people. Together they would rebuild.

Seven long years past Imperial glory, the armies of orange won many key victories, spearheaded by the big Ahl warrior, over all rivals. Even the magnificent Bray-dee, and his compatriots, could not overcome the orange onslaught.  Empire feared.

Total victory at hand, the armies were utterly destroyed by a goliath of a man they called Bus. Trampled under his massive stride, a great many slaughtered.  Retreat became one's desire.

The great bearded plumber returned the following year and led his army to many great early victories, but there was an usurper within the ranks. The Master of Minds conspired against the great Empire to install this usurper to the head of the army.

The heroic warrior, Ahl, slain.

The bearded one fell from grace to the mutiny, destroying any chance for Imperial glory. Thus began the spiralling decent of the Empire into debauchery and destitution.  A vagabond through sin and self indulgence.

A once great dynasty fell into disrepair, giving way to a new rival empire. A foe Charged into the homeland to bring pestilence and death.  The bolted armor of the enemy flowed like rivers through the ranks of the once great orange army.  Defeat was certain, the usurper shrugs. 

The bastard usurper imbued upon himself all the rights and privileges of a King - claiming divinity through every victory, shifting blame to goats after every defeat. The army lamented, falling into its own selfish arrogance.

For two and a half years, decadence and complacency ruled the hearts of the orangemen. The Great King became weary...impatient; The Master of Minds blinded by his own arrogant genius would foolishly insult his Lord.

The Great King, with aged wisdom, gathered up his allies to depose the all-too-powerful Master of Minds. A great purging was nigh.

To be continued...

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