Josh McDaniels As An Offensive Mastermind


When we hired Josh McDaniels he was touted as an "offensive mastermind."  Now people have varying opinions on how he's doing based on beliefs about the organization or certain moments they watched in game, but I figured it'd be better to look at in the most objective way possible.

The following are merely statistics.  There's an old adage that do not lie.  Admittedly there are two games still to play, so some of the total numbers on the not per game stats are sure to edge higher, but I provided NFL rank (in parenthesis) to provide clearer perspective.



Yards/game - 336.4 (17th)/ 395.8 (2nd)

Passing yards/game - 213.2 (18th)/ 279.4 (3rd)

Rushing yards/game - 123.2 (12th)/ 116.4 (12th)

Points/game - 19.7 (20th)/ 23.1 (16th)


3rd Down Conversions - 36.5% (21st)/ 47.5 (2nd)

Total 1st Downs – 244 (17th)/ 354 (2nd)


Rushing yards/carry - 4.3 (14th)/ 4.8 (3rd)

Receiving yards/catch - 6.9 (16th)/ 7.3 (9th)


Rushing TDs – 7 (22nd)/ 15 (14th)

Passing TDs – 16 (19th)/ (25 (7th)


Sacks allowed – 26 (11th)/ 12 (1st)


Turnovers - 19 (10th)/ 30 (24th)

Part of the struggles can be attributed to not getting the same production out of certain players.  I present Exhibit A:


Eddie Royal


2008: 91 receptions for 980 yards; 11 rushes for 109 yards

2009: 37 receptions for 345 yards; 1 rush for 1 yards


Now before you start ragging on me as purely a McD hater I will offer these counters to inevitable arguments:


1.  New system, it takes time to learn it.


I understand it takes a while to learn a new offense.  But it’s been in place for months now with no real signs of improvement.  I’m sure it was not Bowlen or McDaniels idea to throw away this year on offense so that future years will be good.  That’s not how the NFL works.  You need to come in a make an impact, and unfortunately the impact has led the team backwards on O.


2. Biased stat selection.

What else are you looking for?  What am I missing?  (Okay redzone me...I don't know where to get those.)  The lack of turnovers is great.  I'm stoked about that.


3. You just want the Broncos to fail.  Not a true fan.

Umm…again the argument is based around statistics, which by the way, I did not make up.  Just because I point out the bad doesn’t mean I wish it wasn’t better.


4.  We had a different QB last season.

I will grant you this argument, but odds are if you’re going to back McD despite statistical evidence you’re probably the same person who has hated on Culter for months.  You can’t now pull the “offense would be better with Jay” card.  You can’t have it both ways.


From here I'll let you make your own assessment.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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