Treading Water

Like so many (all) of the folks that read this blog on a  regular basis...I am a Bronco fan, and I pull for them when they are good, when they are bad and even when they are somewhere in between....and despite the fact that in the early going it looked like we might be GOOD, in fact, this team is “somewhere in between”...and that can be frustrating and even a little scary if the trajectory of the team is uncertain....are we getting better, worse or....egad....treading water?

Before this season started, I did not understand how the pundits had us labeled as a joke and would be lucky to win 3 games....I also thought that the fans  predicting a 13-3 season were similarly misguided....This was a team coming off a .500 season that had shown flashes of talent, but lost to teams they should beat, and let’s face it-- we got lucky along the way....THAT my friends describes this season just as well....and that is where it gets scary...for me at least....


I was all for ending Shanahan’s reign; I felt he had lost the ear of the team, and that does ill feelings....just time for a change....I was similarly unimpressed with Cutler, so sending him packing was no big deal...but now, a year later, could it be that we are essentially the same team?  Different parts, to be sure, but I wonder, if Stokley does not catch that ball in Cincinati, do we still go on to a great start (albeit with an opening day loss?)...we parlayed the luck into a great start....a credit to the coaches and the players, but when the mojo left, we became a fairly mediocre team (I am being charitable here, since we have lost 6 of the last 8 games we have played, and that falls below mediocre). 


I am not jumping off the bandwagon it hurt to watch an Oakland resident, I was watching this game with 3 tRaider fans....they were nearly in tears when Frye went down and Russell came in...they rejoiced when it appeared Russell had been knocked from the game...and when he returned, they went back to cringing with each drop back....letting arguably the worst QB in the NFL beat us served as a sort of reminder of all the things I hated about last season: the inconsistency....and if you are inconsistent, you are incomplete.


Folks...good teams sense blood in the water and pounce...which is why teams like the Colts, Chargers and Saints often come back and steal games they ought to have lost...Bad teams lose to good teams and most of the time to the teams stuck in the middle....and the teams in the middle win some games they are expected to lose, and lose some games they are expected to win....and that, unfortunately still describes the Broncos...even with a lot of positive changes, we are still not out of the middle, and it will take something to move us off this it a new QB, a new coach?....well we tried that....not sure what to try next....or perhaps we are moving is just hard to read just now.  There will be those who read this and insist that we have improved....and I would argue that at this point we have only “changed”....but the results are not that different...


It is (only) year one of the McDaniels era....I am a fan ...still behind him and hope he does well.  Expectations move quickly, and perhaps it is too much too expect greatness straight away... though the players lost that game yesterday on the field...he needs to step up his game, his play calling, and apparently, his game preparation....I am not sure what he saw on the film, but his offensive approach seemed flawed from the beginning, and a team with a woeful offense ran rough shod over us...the halftime adjustments...the stuff of legend in weeks 1-6, seem a distant (fond) memory....and worst of all, the worst legacy of last season remains our achilles heel this zone ineffectiveness....settling for 3 when 7 is the is this tendancy that makes me wonder if we are indeed an improved team.


The reason Shanahan no longer stands on the sideline is that he failed on many opportunities to make the team appreciably better....treading water works for a while, but eventually you have to show you are headed in the right direction....and though early on, it looked like we were, it now seems it may have been a  false horizon....I hope not...I hope we go into Philly and beat the Eagles, and then hold serve against the Chiefs, but who among us sees that as a certainty now? 


I had this team pegged at 10-6 at the outset of the season...and because I am a fan, I also thought my aspirations could be tainted with wishful thinking...that perhaps 9-7 was more greatest fear has been the 8-8 season.  Treading water....


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