Aussie Meanderings: No, I am not satisfied!

Hi All,


I had a great night tonight. Me and my 5 year old son Oliver went out for dinner. It was our first father/son only dinner. We spoke, laughed, watched some of the Giants/ Redskins game.


He is already a Broncos fan.....and out of left field he says "I dont like the Broncos."....woh, woh woh kid!!!!....."What do you mean by that buddy?"......Do you mean you dont like WHEN the Broncos lose?" "Yeah dad.....why did they lose to a team you told me was bad?"


Well that got me pondering! And you know what, there, bathing in the glow of the most important male in my life, the light came on......NO I am not satisfied with this team, and YES, we should all expect better. Read on!


  1. THE SIGNS OF A GOOD TEAM: At the start of the season I would have been happy with 8-8. That was based on off season turmoil, out BRUTAL on paper schedule, and ticking off games we SHOULD win, and taking a punt on games that could go either way. But you know what, we started 6-0 and beat teams like the Chargers, the Patriots, the Cowboys and put away teams we should have. Guess what......just like rising stock in the market place, my expectations rose. BUT...then the bye and we have SUCKED since. I can handle losses to the Steelers, the Ravens and even the Chargers, but what I wont stomach is the butchering of games to the Redskins and the Raiders. We are now 8-6...we should be 10 - 4 and already in the play offs. Good teams beat teams they are suppose to beat....we cant do that!
  2. REGRESSION TO THE MEAN?: We have seen a SERIOUS regression since the bye. Did our team SO over perform that what we are seeing now is the TRUE team? I dont think so! I think we have seen a distinct lack of creativity on the offensive side of the ball, and a telegraphing of plays by McDaniels which leads me to my next point.........
  3. OFFENSIVE GENIUS.....REALLY?: McDaniels gets credit for a good draft, assembling a great staff and being a fiery and competitive individual. But I am calling ABSOLUTE bull shit on his street cred as on offensive genius. His play calling is maddening, his misuse of his O line and running backs beyond moronic, and his lack of creativity and surprise mind numbingly boring. For weeks, I have been waiting for him to let Orton loose, to let Moreno be the play maker he can be, and to see him use his O line to their strengths. Instead, he is running this offense into the ground. Please consider these points: a) By trying to run a power running game with a zone blocking, and light line, not only are you designing schemes around the WEAKNESS of your team, you are also OVERWORKING your line and wearing them down. Our line looks tired, is slow off the snap and has no push...they are not suited to the scheme we are using, and are worn down too by playing in a system that needs bigger guys! b) Moreno is NOT a power, every down running back. I see a game changer, McDaniels see Jerome Bettis. Guess what, we have a Jerome Bettis type standing on the side line doing jack shit! Moreno, like our line, is being misused by McDaniels, and he is wearing down, losing concentration and giving up plays, not only on the running game, but missing blocks, assignments and falling asleep in the pass game. We drafted him as a game changer and using him as a work horse in a system that he is not suited to. Idiotic! And who do we rotate him with? A running back with similar traits in Buck. And do you know how easy this is to fix? Yep, rotate Hillis in as a change of pace power back, sub in Moreno and Buck at will and I guarentee you we put opposition on the back foot. And, yes, Hillis would have picked up some of those shirt yardage situations, and guess what, so would have Moreno if he was in a rotation as he would have been fresh instead of gassed. 
  4. WHERE HAS OUR AGGRESSIVENESS ON D GONE? Maybe I am wrong, but weren't we WAY more aggressive on defense in the first 6 weeks? Why did we not bring the house and ut the Raiders off their game from snap 1. Same goes with the game vs the Redskins. Seems like we dropped the ball in scheme and intensity EARLY against these teams!
  5. I WISH WE WRE JUST AN AVERAGE TEAM IN PICKING UP SHORT YARDAGE!: I would hive my left nut just to be average. Why can teams like Oakland, the Giants....even the frickin Chargers have seemlessly NO trouble in picking up 3rd and 1's and I almost choke on y own vomit when we have them. I SERIOUSLY hope we get a false start just so we have a chance. We go into that STUPID COMPRESSED running formation that even an Italian soccer fan that has never watched NFL knows is a run up the gut, and all the opposition does is stack the box and bring double or triple pressure on Weigmann......if I NEVER see that frickin formation again will be too soon.
Yep, I am venting, and normally I am positive after calming down...but not this time.

I will probably be lambasted by many, and thats cool. I love MHR, love the readers and love the writers, but I just cant buy into stats....... I cant buy into we are a new team......I cant buy into  we are running a system that takes 2 years to learn......I cant buy into that we are ahead of where we thought at the beginning of the season.......I cant buy into that McDaniels is a rookie too.......I cant buy into any of it! These are excuses, and excuses are used by those to justify losing.

What I can by into is that we have butchered 2 games we should have won.....I can buy into that we still have a chance to make the play offs......I can buy into that we can match any team in the NFL......I can buy into that McDaniels is stuck in his stubborn ways and I want to see change.
I dont want to hear any more excuses, coach speak, defense of players who are playing like shit or defense of rookies that are screwing the pooch.

I want to see Moreno make some plays and be used to his strengths. I want us to be aggressive on both sides of the ball, I want to see some use of Hillis, I want to see us go vertical....... I WANT US TO PLAY THE GAME WITH PASSION AND HIT THE SNOT OUT OF PEOPLE! I WANT OUR TEAM TO REALIZE WHEN A GAME IS MUST WIN AND PLAY LIKE IT!!!!!

I am sick of hearing excuses from players, coaches and fans...enough is enough. This is a team that was 6-0 and only needed to win 5 or its last 10 games to EASILY make the play offs, including games against Oakland, Kansas (2) and Washington.

If we capitulate NOW this team has regressed from last year in one of the most monumental collapses of all time.

I still have faith, but man I am sick of excuses.

Now is the time Broncos.

Thanks for reading the rant, but after the weekend, and the comments today, I have just had enough.

Peace and Happy Holidays to all the MHR brethren!

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