All I want for Christmas is a #2 Receiver and......

So I usually don't do a lot of post game thoughts or anything like that because i like to look at an entire body of work before I give my opinion, I like to be a little educated. However I have a few thing I woudl like to get off my chest and would love some feedback. here it goes:

One thing I have noticed is a lot of people are calling for McDaniels' head or Orton's head or anyone else they can blame. I don't get into the individual blame game but my observations are this...

Kyle Orton and his receivers are not on the same page... YET!

Orton has Brandon Marshall, Eddie Royal, Tony Scheffler, Daniel Graham and a boat load of otehr options to dump the football too. However it seems to me that the only receiver that he really trusts is Jabbar Gaffney and Brandon Stokely. I am sure that a lot of you would put Brandon Marshall here but I don't think so yet! Brandon is coming along though. this problem can only be cured with time. Jay Cutler took a while to click with his big play receivers here, so did Jake Plummer. Time is all this needs.

Our Offensive Line play is horrible... BUT

the unit has a band-aid on it right now. Ben Hamilton was not in the shape he was last year and we had to fix it fast. Ryan Clady was not able to rely on his LG as much because he hadn't really worked with him a lot. Neither had Casey Weigmann and that made this side of the line weak. Add Ryan Harris' toe injury and having to replace him and we are in a mess of trouble. Depth can be good but Line play is about relying on the guy next to you to hold his man. When you don't sometimes you give up the big play trying to save the big play. Give the group time to meld and maybe practicewith the back up this offseason for a better showing.

The Defense has been exposed...MAYBE

New Orleans was undefeated and all of a sudden they were "Exposed." Guys tend to break down towards the end, this is a game of endurance not sprints. When any part of your team has a bad day you tend to have a poor performance from the whole team. The easy way to fix this is to have the back ups ready to go and a solid string of depth, which was hard to do this year.

now for my wish list to help address these issues:

a true #2 Receiver: Eddie is great but he needs to be a slot guy who can kill you inside with his short game. What we need is a guy who can sit on the outside and just beat you all day. another 6-2; 6-3; 6-4 guy who is as much a threat as Marshall and Royal. a true #2 is what woudl really help our passing game along with the rythmn that Orton and Co. can have. Vincent Jackson may be available (doubtful) and that's the type of guy I mean.

The Offensive line needs a solid LG. I don't know if we have him in Olson or not but I think OL depth is a big big big need. the same can be said for DL except here I am worried about our DE more than NT. I think this could be a position addressed in the draft fairly high and often!

That's all I got ladies and gents, I do think we end 9-7 or 10-6 (philly is the ? game) I have been saying 9-7 would be a good bench mark for this team to reach and i think it holds true!



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