Broncos Humor: Christmas gifts

Every so often I try to cheer us up after a loss. Through my many sources within the Broncos organization and the NFL, I was able to find out what some of the players, coaches and personalities are getting each other for Christmas.  Here is a snapshot. 

Mike Shanahan to Josh McDaniels: Peyton Hillis

Apparently, the gift exchange went a little like this

Mike: "Hey Josh, it can be hard being the Broncos coach, it's good to have a strong running game.  Peyton Hillis is your man, he'll help you out"

Josh: (Looking at the gift as if it were a piece of fruit cake) "Gee Thanks Mike, Sorry I didn't get you anything but all the Tanning Salons ran out of giftcards."

Pat Bowlen to Jay Cutler: Cell Phone

Hey Call me back bro!

Jay Cutler to the NFL: Footballs

 25 of them hand delivered, and still counting.

Terrell Davis to Knowshon Moreno: Hand Stick-em

Terrell: Here Knowshown, use this, now you don't have to run like you're afraid of fumbling the ball

Knowshown: Thanks TD, you know you're a great running back, too bad you didn't play at Georgia, Go Bulldogs

Terrell: I did play at Georgia

Knowshown: Huh nobody there mentioned this, Awkward!

Mike Nolan to Mike Singletary: Suspenders

Dude keep your pants on if you're going to coach the Niners.  I wore a suit for crying out loud, the least you could do is be clothed. 

Kyle Orton to his O-Line: Brand New Toyota Prius'

O-line: Uh Kyle, none of us can fit in these.

Kyle: Yes but you'll be saving the environment. 

Roger Goodell to Bill Belichick: Video tapes

To Bill: In replacement of the one's I destroyed and suspiciously let nobody else see

Eli Manning to Plaxico Burress: Holster

                                             Some other people recieved anonymous Christmas gifts this year

Woody Paige: Research Intern

Mark Kizla: Talent

John Clayton: TMNT Action Figure Krang-Tell me, is there a resemblance here

Peter King: Brett Favre Vikings jersey signed "You know who"

Brad Childress: Trout to stockpile his "Stream of Consciousness" (If you don't get this you need to read his monday transcript from his press conference talking about possibly benching Brett Favre.  He goes on to use the phrase Stream of Consciousness 7 times-hilarious)

Phillip Rivers: A Mirror (You're so vain, you probably think this joke is about you)

Seattle Seahwawks: A top 10 pick

Seattle: Sweet, this must be from the Denver Broncos

NFL: Uh no, this is your pick, Karma's a bitch ain't it. 

And Finally......

MHR to Ted Bartlett: Epaulets,

farewell my friend, and good luck



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