Breakdown, positionally.

Alright, with 2009 winding down and probably ending on Sunday, I wanna share my personal opinions on every position and how I think it should be changed in 2010. That's all this is about, no subtle cracks or anything like that.


  • Quarterback - Kyle Orton's had his best career this year, but what exactly is that saying? I've been an avid Orton supporter (sometimes to a fault) this year and I still support him into 2010. I have 2 questions for Mr. Orton though: Is the lack of deep passing on McD or you? When you fall down for a phantom sack, do you just feel the pocket collapsing or do you keep tripping on your own shoelaces?
  • Running backs - Hey, Correll, I need you here next year. Knowshon is going to need some more time to learn not to stop in front of a pile. Maybe you should show him what 4+ YPC looks like in 2010 too?
  • Fullback - I, like many of you's, am on the Hillis train. Hey, we knew back in April that the Fullback position wasn't exactly a necessity in this system. I don't see McD keeping him around, especially since Larsen is proving more valuable in every way. Question for the Hillis supporters--Will you be buying a #22 Redskins jersey in April? That's probably where he's going assuming Shanny takes the job.
  • LT - Ryan Clady, you're one of the few bright spots but for god's sake, PLEASE pancake someone more often. I love seeing that happen.
  • LG - Weak spot. This needs to be fixed quickly. I am officially on the Iupati train.
  • C - Weigman is getting old, maybe last year he was the beneficiary of 4 better players to his left and right? Maybe the change of scheme is hitting him the hardest? In any event, Center needs to be changed.
  • RG - Weaker than LG. The interior line is one of the weakest I've seen in years--on any team. When Russ Hochstein is your best player available, you've got serious depth issues. Don't get me started on Hochstein's versatility, I think he's just a jack of all trades, but a master of none.
  • RT - Oh, Ryan Harris, how I miss you!!!
  • TE - Love him or hate him, Dan Graham is one of the other few bright spots here. Sorry, Scheffler, but I think you're the weak link here, especially if Richard Quinn advances in the offseason. I wouldn't be surprised if McD drafts another tight end in April.
  • WR - Brandon Marshall must be resigned. There isn't many people that do what he does after the catch. My only stipulation with that is get another receiver on the other side that's actually a deep threat. Remember, one of the only reasons Welker is so successful is because Randy Moss takes most of the heat from the secondaries. Hey, Eddie Royal, I think you could be seeing the door soon, especially if someone like Dez Bryant finds his way onto Denver's draft boards. Oh, and if Jordan Shipley slides to Denver's pick in the later rounds, don't think they won't take him. Also, is anyone else asking why the hell Gaffney isn't targeted more?


  • DL - Ryan McBean, Vonnie Holliday and Kenny Peterson are fun to watch because they seem to create chaos at the line of scrimmage. Also, all the rotational linemen change things up, keeping the opposing running games frosty. i know a lot of you want a DL in the first round, but I can almost guarantee one won't be picked in the first. The only exception is if Suh magically falls to anything past the 3rd pick.
  • LB - Elvis Dumervil, I think you've found your niche! That's good, because you, Ayers and Mario Haggan might be the only LB's left after this year. Look, I love DJ Williams, but I'm not totally sure he stays around in 2010. Call it a hunch, but I think he's gone in the right trade situation, especially if Rolando McClain shows up in the combine.
  • CB - Don't anyone dare tell me Champ Bailey hasn't lost a step. I would bet money, and a lot of it, that he has lost a step. Maybe there is a reason he keeps getting targeted--opposing QB's know he's not a "shut down" corner anymore. I'm not very ecstatic about Alphonso Smith picking up the slack here either. Any time I hear his name, it's because his receiver just scored a touchdown or a long gain. Not all is bad though, I still love Andre Goodman (one of my MVP's for Denver).
  • S - Brian Dawkins and Renaldo Hill are like my safety dream team. The only player I'd put in replacement of either of them is Troy Palamalu, which will never happen anyways. 


  • K - Matt Prater = $$$
  • P - I know Berger's come up clutch on a few chances, but more times than not, we get stuck watching a completely crappy 20 yard punt. Hey, if that ball needs to sail 50 yards, then it should sail 50 yards. Someone tell me again why Colquitt was never given another shot? He's the best Broncos punter I've seen this year, even if it was only preseason.
  • LS - Lonie Paxton, you're doing swell, sir.

There it is. Love it or hate it, it's just how I feel. 

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