Ahh...I love Draft Talk: MOCK 1.0


As the regular season comes to a close, the Broncos still have a chance of making the tournament.  But unfortunately, their destiny isn't controlled by only themselves any more.  Though this has been a depressing week, I decided to make this a positive week; looking at the draft and figuring out which players can help the Broncos improve next season.  With a little help from, I have my first mock draft completed for ya'll today.  I go through the 1st five rounds only.  The 6th and 7th rounds are really based on best-player-available, anyway.

I made a trade with the Baltimore ravens to acquire the 21st, the 84th(3rd round), and the 148(5th), in return for the 8th pick in the draft.  Don't really care if that isn't a great trade or anything.  It's a mock after all!  But lets get into my picks....

With the 21st pick of the 2010 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos select.....

Mike Iupati, Guard from Idaho.

I don't really think I have to do much explaining with this pick.  the Broncos need to beef up at guard and Iupati is 40 pounds heavier than Ben Hamilton!  He is an absolute animal on the feild, and seems to destroy everything in his path.  If Iupati is available in this spot, the Broncos need to take him.

Check some tape out HERE and HERE


With the 54th pick the 2010 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos select.....

Arthur Jones, 3-4DE from Syracuse.

Jones played DT in college and I think he could translate will the the 3-4 scheme the Broncos run.  He has very quick feet for his position, and always seems to be disrupting pass protection.  He seems to be a little inconsistant against the run which worries me, but i think he would be an excellent pick.

Tape is HERE and HERE(go to about 3:30)


With the 84th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos select.....

Damaryius Thomas, WR from Georgia Tech

This is the deep threat the Broncos need.  Has great speed and has the playmaking ability few have. His run blocking needs some improvement, but having a big-bodied speedy deep threat would stretch the field for the Broncos.  Marshall, Royal, and co. would get open more often.

Highlights are HERE and HERE(go to about 8:40)


With the 85th pick in the 2010 NFL, the Denver Broncos select....

J.D. Walton, Center from Baylor

Some more beef up front!  He is 305 lbs (20 more lbs than Weigmann) which is what I really like about him.  This might be a bit of a reach but i he would previde great depth.   Have not seen much of him, but he looks like a great run blocker to me.  He is one of the top centers going to the NFL, so he needs to be picked up.  This is tough, especially with RB Even Royster still available, but our line would be taken care of.  Interior line would now look something like this.....

Iupati    Walton   Kuper  or...

Iupati    Olson     Kuper or...

Iupati    Walton   Olsen.....THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS! haha



With the 117th pick of the 2010 NFL Draft, the Broncos select.....

Dan LeFevour, QB from Central Michigan

Great value here!  He can sit behind Orton for a few years, and if Orton deosn't progress the way coach McD and co. want him to, LeFevour can step right in. He is one of the most accurate passers in all of college football with 71.1% of his passes caught, while only having 6 picks this year.  He is a great scrambler and can make a play out of nothing.  His picket awareness seems to be above average as well.  He does not have the biggest arm ever, but he is more than capable of getting the ball down field.  Great QB to develop.

Watch some tape HERE and HERE


With the 148th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the Broncos select.....

Jerome Murphy, CB from South Florida

With the Alphonso Smith pick being a questionable one, Jerome would no doubt give Smith a run.  He has 7 career interceptions and has tackled over 170 times.  He always seems to be causing a turnover.  He can learn great things staying behind Champ and Andre for a year or two.  He is a special teams standout on kick coverage and can also block kicks.  I believe he could become a good returner as well.

Watch tape HERE and HERE


With the 149th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the Broncos select....

Montario Hardesty, RB for Tennessee.

With Hillis and Jordan most likely gone after the season, the Broncos will need to find a 3rd RB.  Hardesty could fill that role well.  He will fight for every yard, and has a great spin move too.  He isn't the fastest RB or the strongest, but he is solid.  He would compliment Knowshon well IMO.

Check out tape of him HERE, HERE, and HERE


Well that's about all I got!  Please leave comments.  I would like to hear what all of you have to say.  Here is to hoping the Broncos beat KC and get into the playoff!



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