The Denver Broncos Playoff Guide: Who to Root for and How to Get There

Alright, welcome to the Denver Bronco's Playoff Guide

Lets jump to it-


Denver Broncos we are 8-4

The best record we can get is 12-4 the worst is 8-8, but lets assume it's 10-6 with wins at least against KC and OAK

Broncos remaining schedule

Dec 13 @Indianapolis 1:00pm
Dec 20 Oakland 4:05pm
Dec 27 @Philadelphia 1:00pm
Jan 3 Kansas City 4:15pm




Seed Team Division Record
1  Indianapolis (y) South 12-0-0
2  San Diego West 9-3-0
3  Cincinnati North 9-3-0
4  New England East 7-5-0
5  Denver West 8-4-0
6  Jacksonville South 7-5-0
Still alive (below)
7  Baltimore North 6-5-0
8  Miami East 6-6-0
9  N.Y. Jets East 6-6-0
10  Pittsburgh North 6-6-0
11  Tennessee South 5-7-0
12  Houston South 5-7-0
13  Oakland West 4-8-0
14  Buffalo East 4-8-0
15  Kansas City West 3-9-0
16  Cleveland North 1-11-0

crossed out those who cant beat us to playoff spot(assuming 10-6 at worst) *EDIT* I tried to cross them out, it didn't work imagine everyone from Tennessee down crossed out.


So first lets look at Pittsburg:



Dec 10 @Cleveland 8:20pm
Dec 20 Green Bay 1:00pm
Dec 27 Baltimore 1:00pm
Jan 3 @Miami 1:00pm

If they win out, we tie at worst. But a win against Indy or Philly kills them as well as a loss on their part.  But they win a tiebreaker.

We should beat them 




Dec 13 @Tampa Bay 1:00pm
Dec 20 Atlanta 1:00pm
Dec 27 @Indianapolis 4:15pm
Jan 3 Cincinnati 1:00pm

They are not a problem, if they win out, unlikley, and we go 10-6 we beat them on the tie breaker.  Dont worry about them.

Eliminated (from our POV)




Dec 13 @Jacksonville 1:00pm
Dec 20 @Tennessee 1:00pm
Dec 27 Houston 1:00pm
Jan 3 Pittsburgh 1:00pm

Same as Jets, I believe we have the tie breaker, pose no threat





Dec 7 @Green Bay 8:30pm
Dec 13 Detroit 1:00pm
Dec 20 Chicago 1:00pm
Dec 27 @Pittsburgh 1:00pm
Jan 3 @Oakland 4:15pm

If they win out were in trouble, they'd be 11-5 at most likely and likely above us.  Hopefully they drop one to 10-6 or more.  Balt is probably a wildcard





Dec 13 Miami 1:00pm
Dec 17 Indianapolis 8:20pm
Dec 27 @New England 1:00pm
Jan 3 @Cleveland 1:00pm

If they win out like the Ravens, were in trouble, they'd be 11-5, but most likely they'll be possibly 10-6 or most likley  9-7, lets say 10-6 to be safe.  Not all too much to worry about, we'll most likely have the tie break

Should be OK





Dec 13 @Dallas 4:15pm
Dec 20 Cincinnati 4:05pm
Dec 25 @Tennessee 7:30pm
Jan 3 Washington 4:15pm

Anything could happen here, they could get sloppy and drop them all, unlikely.  In order for us to overtake them, they need to drop 2 games, between DALLAS, CINCY, and REDSKINS.  If they do we need to beat Philly.  In that case we are both 11-5 and the broncos have more victories against common opponents any way you cook it if they lose 2 of those 3.  or we win out and they lose 2. I think they have tiebreak if we tie 12-4 and they lose 1 of those 3

POSSIBLE (not all that far out)



We should get in at 10-6, we beat out Jacksonville, Miami, Jets.  But not in worst case scenarios although very unlikley.  Jacksonville, Baltimore and Pitt could still beat us out at that record.  Although Jacksonville will almost certainly drop one vs. Miami, Ne and Indy.  and Pitt should drop one vs. Green Bay and Balt.  Balt will probably also drop one game bringin them to 10-6....So at 10-6 the wildcard should be us and Balt 

At 11-5 assuming one win v Indy or Philly we'd be 11-5, at that record only Balt and Jacksonville can catch us.



My prediction is that we go 11-5 (I want to say 12-4 but I won't) and we are in as a 1st place wildcard, and play New England in the first round of the playoffs.  Baltimore comes in behind us at 10-6 and plays San Diego.




Green Bay, Cleavland, New England, Miami, as well as everyone playing SD

There are others, but these should be our 2nd fav teams.  Root for them after you push Denver to victory, we will be better if these teams win out.


Thats all, thanks for reading, what do you think?

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