Quick Hits for Den/KC

Here is a rapid reaction from the Broncos/KC game.  I think the game provided several interesting nuggets or insights. 

  • It looks like we have gone predominantly to a zone blocking team the past two weeks which is good for several reasons.  One it shows McD is willing to change his philosophy if something isn't working.  Two it really fits our o-line, TE's and most of all running backs better.  Plus Dennison and Turner have great familiarity with coaching it. 
  • Did Dick Enberg really say that Kuper has not allowed a sack in two years.  How is this slipped by us?  Kuper and Clady for the Pro Bowl.
  • Ryan Clady seems to be hobbled by some sort of injury because he isn't moving with the same swiftness earlier in the year and getting beat.  Still one of the best in the game though. 
  • Dick Enberg is one of my favorite announcers.  I know he isn't everyone's cup of tea but he always has information that adds to the enjoyment of the game.  He is very good at using pre-game interviews and interjecting them at key moments in the game.  We've seen so many bad broadcasters this year that I think Enberg deserves his props.  Too bad he's announcing for the Padres. 
  • Speaking of Kuper, not only did he do well in the passing game, but he looked dominant in the run game as well.  Sign Him!!!
  • Matt Prater is kicking lights out right now.  Let's hope it continues, but really whatever he's doing he needs to bottle it. 
  • Mitch Berger has really started to boom his kicks but still isn't getting returned.  Also made a sublte move to not have his punt blocked.  One of the best.  I don't think Prater has missed a kick since Mitch became the holder, knock on wood. 
  • I don't know what to make of Jay Cutler now.  He seems all of sudden to be playing not to throw interceptions, instead of his usual play to win attitude. 
  • I was down on Peyton Hillis because he made too many critical errors early in the season but hopefully his showing yesterday will re earn the coaches trust.  McDaniels is smart and I will trust he will find a way to utilize Peyton a little more. 
  • However, finding time for Peyton might be hard because Spenser Larsen is playing awesome these last two weeks at full back.  He is quick to the point of attack, makes good reads and just blows people up. Plus he's made a bunch of special teams tackles recently. 
  • Alphonso Smith-Just get it together man.  Listen to Champ and B-dawk, do what they say. 
  • Robert Ayers is so close to getting a sack.  It's going to happen and he flashed his first round ability yesterday. 
  • Todd Haley looked like a desperate coach.  He was really creative with some of the things they were doing, which shows he has a good offensive mind, but when you resort to that many gadget plays it means you think you don't have the players to go head to head. 
  • We need to find a package that works when teams go no huddle.  We will see a lot of this vs. Peyton. 
  • What the Colts and Saints have done at 12-0 is spectacular,  But both have some major flaws.  Doesn't mean they'll lose but they certainly have weaknesses.  I don't think either team can stop the run very well and the Saints pass defense makes big plays but also gives up big plays.  I hope we pound the ground game at the colts.  Gives us best chance to win. 
  • Brady Quinn through for almost 300 yards vs. San Diego: Good.  Anyone get the feeling that if we are a wild card our first game will either be at SD or at NE.  Not exactly what one would hope for but hey, it's the playoffs. 
  • Ndamokong Suh won't be around for the Broncos selection but Terrance Cody might be.  I think he'd be worth the investment.  Guy can control the entire middle of the field. 

Have a great week everyone.  Look forward to your thoughts!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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