Things We Knew About Iron Clady

Early this season, I published a story about Ryan Clady, comparing him to Joe Thomas (find it here). No one from the MHR was unkind enough to disabuse me of that notion, but I tried not to suggest that he would be as good as quickly. That was a very good thing, since for his first year, he wasn't. Clady was better. Greatly better.

To show just how much, I just caught a link in Walter Football, listing the number of sacks that each LT gave us. We all knew that Clady was the best over the 1st 16 games with 0.5 sacks. Seeing it again in print brought it back to me. Remarkable that one of the Pro Bowl players, Jason Peters had 11.5 sacks in 13 games. The near legendary Joe Thomas? 3.5 sacks, the same as another Pro Bowler, Walter Jones.  At least Michael Roos came close with a single sack.

I appreciate what McD was saying this week about making the Broncos very different and very consistent, but it’s nice to know that there’s one thing he won’t have to bother himself about. Iron Clady is going to be it at LT.

1. Ryan Clady, Denver, 0.5 sacks
2. Michael Roos, Tennessee, 1 sack PRO BOWLER
3-T. Tony Ugoh, Indianapolis, 2 sacks* (Started 11)
3-T. Tra Thomas, Philadelphia, 2 sacks
3-T. Jared Gaither, Baltimore, 2 sacks* (He missed first quarter of Philadelphia game because of a shoulder injury)
7. Jake Long, Miami, 2.5 sacks
8-T. Marcus McNeill, San Diego, 3 sacks* (13 games)
8-T. Chris Samuels, Washington, 3 sacks* (Only appeared in 12 games)
8-T. Jordan Gross, Carolina, 3 sacks* (Missed 1 game) PRO BOWLER
8-T. Jammal Brown, New Orleans, 3 sacks* (Missed 1 game)
8-T. Todd Weiner, Atlanta, 3 sacks* (Started 10 games and appeared in 15)
13-T. Joe Thomas, Cleveland, 3.5 sacks PRO BOWLER
13-T. Walter Jones, Seattle, 3.5 sacks* (12 games) PRO BOWLER
15-T. D'Brickashaw Ferguson, NY Jets, 4 sacks
15-T. Bryant McKinnie, Minnesota, 4 sacks* (11 games)
15-T. Max Starks, Pittsburgh, 4 sacks* (10 starts)
18. Brandon Albert, Kansas City, 4.5 sacks* (Missed 1 game)
19. Levi Jones, Cincinnati, 5.5 sacks* (10 games)
20. Mike Gandy, Arizona, 6.25 sacks
21-T. Chad Clifton, Green Bay, 6.5 sacks* (missed 1 game)
21-T. David Diehl, NY Giants, 6.5 sacks
23. Flozell Adams, Dallas, 7.25 PRO BOWLER
24-T. Khalif Barnes, Jacksonville, 7.5 sacks
24-T. Matt Light, New England, 7.5 sacks
24-T. Kwame Harris, 7.5 sacks* (Started 11, appeared in 13)
27. Donald Penn, Tampa Bay, 8 sacks
28. Joe Staley, San Francisco, 8.5 sacks
29. Jeff Backus, Detroit, 9.25 sacks
30. John St. Clair, Chicago, 9.75 sacks
T-31. Duane Brown, Houston, 11.5 sacks
T-31. Jason Peters, Buffalo, 11.5 sacks* PRO BOWLER (13 games)

It may just tell us what we already know, but it’s nice to see just how well our 2008 draft worked out. Iron Clady is a man among men.

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