Why the Houston Texans scare me

Everyone in Broncoland now knows what time it is. Bowlen grabbed his team back, gone is Bronco football as we know it.  So by all accounts, we are rebuilding. We haven't admitted that in decades so excuse me if it makes me nervous.  Here are a few things that are making me a bit uneasy so please jump in with the comments and tell me what you think.

I don't believe that one all defensive draft is going to matter that much. Let's look at the Houston Texans. They have a great coach in Kubiak.  They had the 3rd ranked offense in the NFL in 2008. More important to note and the part that scares me is they have used 5 straight first round draft picks on defense from 2004 -2007. That isn't even metioning DeMeco Ryans and other 2nd and 3rd round defensive picks. And one of those picks was the #1 overall player available.

2004 10th overall Dunta Robinson Cornerback South Carolina
2004 27th overall (from Tennessee) Jason Babin Defensive end Western Michigan
2005 16th overall (from New Orleans) Travis Johnson Defensive tackle Florida State
2006 1st overall Mario Williams Defensive end North Carolina State
2007 10th overall (from Atlanta) Amobi Okoye Defensive tackle Louisville

How long does it take to build a defense? This team should be in the playoffs with all the first round talent on defense. They finished the 2008 season ranked 22nd in the NFL and ranked 27th in total points allowed. The most important stat was the record, 8-8. The same as our no talent defense.

If the Texans, who have drafted defense with 5 out of their last 6 first round picks, don't have a dominating defense yet, how are we going to be saved by the 2009 draft, which by many experts account has better offensive talent high in this draft than it does defensive talent?

I am not saying it can't be done but the ability to find gems in the draft was trusted with the Goodman's and the ability to coach no names guys into good players was trusted with Shanahan and they were both fired. 

So what is a realistic outlook for the next 4 years?  Your thoughts are always welcome and appreciated.

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