Adam Schefter: Franchise Tag Updates

I pulled some updates from Adam Schefter's blog to update the community here on who has been tagged today and who has not...

As expected, the Ravens slapped their franchise tag on linebacker Terrell Suggs, guaranteeing the six-year veteran a $10.2 million salary in 2009.

Now, fellow LBs Ray Lewis and Bart Scott are scheduled to become unrestricted free agents, free to test the market.

If I had to choose between Ray Lewis and Bart Scott; I'd go after Bart Scott full speed.  He would make an immediate impact in our new make up and is quite familiar with the 3-4 system.  I hope we are clearing out the roster for some serious free agent acquisitions.

The Chargers took a major step to resolve their running back issues. They designated Darren Sproles as their franchise player, which will limit his free-agent options but guarantee him $6.621 million for the 2009 season.

Most believed the Chargers couldn’t afford to pay both Sproles and starting RB LaDainian Tomlinson. But the Chargers made sure they could.

Also, the Buccaneers officially tagged WR Antonio Bryant as their franchise player.

Whatever dreams anyone had with having Sproles in the Denver backfield can wake up now.  It looks like our defense will, once again, have to contend with that little speedster that seems to know how to burn us.  Bryant is also off the board, but I don't think the Broncos would have seriously entertained adding him to the roster.

Days away from free agency, Giants running back Derrick Ward called his own audible.

Ward switched agents and hired Drew Rosenhaus, who is always busy at this time of year making deals.

Ward clearly did not want a repeat of last offseason, when he was a free agent and wound up finding little interest, forcing him to re-sign with the Giants.

Now that the Giants have tagged running back Brandon Jacobs, Ward wants Rosenhaus to find the market value and best deal for him.

Darren Sproles might be gone, but say hello to Derrick Ward.  If we pick up Ward, then I don't think we need to nab a top end rookie running back in the draft.  We would have the thunder and lightning combo necessary to make a committee work in Denver.

There is yet another wrinkle to introduce into the Julius Peppers-Carolina Panthers saga.

Any team that trades for the Panthers Pro Bowl defensive end will have to satisfy not only Carolina but Peppers as well.

Peppers has a select list of teams that he wants to play for this season. He has vowed to those who know him best that he will not, under any circumstance, sign a long-term deal for a team that is not on his wish list.

And this is not about money, either. If it were, Peppers already would have signed the Panthers’ contract proposal, which would have made him the richest defensive player in NFL history. Peppers rejected that offer and opportunity before last season kicked off.

Consistent with his comments Saturday and true to his word, Peppers is not viewing this as a financial move but a career move –- to a place he wants to be, to a defense that appeals to him, to an organization he wants to be around.

Now, while Carolina races the clock to re-sign offensive tackle Jordan Gross so it can slap its lone franchise tag on Peppers, the Panthers could be racing themselves. Gross’ contract could wind up having little bearing on Peppers’ next landing spot.

Even though Carolina might have the first say about where to trade Peppers, it will not have the final say. Peppers also plans to have a say in where he plays the 2009 season and beyond.

God I hope the Denver Broncos are on Julius Peppers' short list of teams he wants to play for.  If not, then screw you!  I mean, good luck in your endeavors kind sir!

A team that is in need of receivers will have one fewer after today.

The Raiders are expected to release wide receiver Ronald Curry today, according to a team source, adding him to a thin market of free-agent receivers.

Releasing Curry will save the Raiders $2.3 million against the salary cap. He is not expected to be the last player let go, either. Oakland can save $7.2 million if it releases offensive tackle Kwame Harris, who has an $8.8 million cap figure for the upcoming season.

Curry had bounced back from injuries to become a dependable target in Oakland. But now he will be leaving, looking for work elsewhere.

And now for some Oakland Raider updates. ahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa.

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