Why the Asomugha deal is good for the Broncos

With the departure of Dre Bly a lot of the Bronco faithful were hopeful that the Broncos might sign Nnamdi Asomugha. But the Raiders dashed their hopes by signing the CB to a record making deal. On further examination, I assert that the deal is actually beneficial to the Broncos.

Before describing why Asomugha's deal helps the Broncos I need to describe some assumptions that underly my assessment. The first assumption is that the Broncos will not be in the market for high-profile/high-priced free agents anytime soon. This is based on recent Broncos history coupled with NE's history since McD is a product of the Patriots system. I also think the Bowlen is looking at the Patriot and Steelers organizations as examples he wants to follow.

The second assumption is that the system that McD/Nolan/X will be implementing on defense is going to be based on highly versatile interchangeable players working in a team first system instead of building around a few stars.

Finally, while I expect the Broncos to use free agency to fill gaps on the team, I expect the focus to be on building through the draft.

So, why is the Asomugha deal good for the Broncos?

  1. It hamstrings the Raiders and anything that's bad for the Raiders has to be good for the Broncos, not just out of spite, but also since we are division rivals. In addition, it is likely to force the Raiders to shed some players they might otherwise keep, making them available for the good guys (us). As I'm writing this I just noticed that Gabril Wilson has been released in a cost cutting move.

  2. The Asomugha deal just made the cost of all the other high-profile free agents soar. With more money going to the high-profile free agents there will be less money available for the role player types I expect the Broncos to pursue since there is basically a semi-fixed amount of cap space to go around.

  3. The Asomugha deal coupled with the tagging of Robinson just increased the value of Champ. I'm not a fan of trading Champ, but if the Broncos ever entertained the notion, his value just went up because there are two fewer "shut-down" corners on the market and his relative cost is a bargain.

  4. The deal made it much more expensive for systems that emphasize cover-corners over system-corners. Since the Broncos are probably going to be one of the latter, like NE and Pitt this creates a comparative advantage for their system.

  5. The deal just created serious cap implications for a lot of teams, not just the Raiders. This is especially true of cash-over-cap teams like Dallas and Washington. It could also have a ripple effect on team like the Chargers who have their own CB to worry about soon. This also creates another advantage to teams that favor a system approach versus a star approach, which I expect the Broncos to be.

Once the initial disappointment wears off it's actually kind of exciting.


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