Current Roster: who stays, who goes and who do we bring in?

Hey Everyone,

Not much going on, and NO Denver news to speak of really. Being sick and at home I thought I would start some discussion and post our current roster, go thru it and see who I would get rid of, who I would get and then look at our roster as it shapes up for next year.

I am assuming us taking on a 3-4 scheme, and will look at our defensive guys in this light.

Lets check it out:

Quarter Backs -

  1. Jay Cutler
  2. Darrell Hackney.
  3. Tom Ramsey.

Analysis: Keep Cutler ( think???). I am happy to keep Hackney but would get rid of Ramsey. With Kyle Boller available I would get him as a back up. He still young, has battled thru a lot in the NFL and would be a good confidante for Jay as well. He has  a LOT more upside as a QB than Ramsey and is not quite as fragile.

Wide Recievers -

  1. Jayson Foster.
  2. Chad Jackson.
  3. Darrell Jackson.
  4. Brandon Marshall.
  5. Eddie Royal.
  6. Cliff Russell.
  7. Eddell Sheppard.
  8. Brandon Stokley
  9. Matt Willis.

Analysis: We know we have a great WR corps, but we are not going to keep all these guys. Obviously we keep BM, Eddie and Stokes. I would like to see us hang onto Chad Jackson. I think he has an upside as a No. 2, and this would allow Eddie to slip back into the slot role that Jedi McD loves to use. Can you imagine Eddie in that Welker role? Until then, Stokes stays in the slot, Eddie at 2 and Chad Jackson at 4. I see us getting rid of all the other guys with Darrell Jackson on the fence. With what Jedi McD did with Gaffney, I could see Darrell Jackson's role expanding a little. Jedi's offense likes to spread it around and demands more skillful WR's. Russell and Sheppard are awful and need to go. I could see us taking a WR in the 4th or 5th round of the draft.


Tight Ends -

  1. Daniell Graham.
  2. Tony Sheffler.
  3. Adam Bergen.
  4. Nate Jackson.
  5. Chad Mustard.
  6. Jeb Putzier.

Analysis: I believe in DG and Sheff we have the best TE combo in the game. DG is an awesome blocker and is a mcahine in the pass game as well. I would be really happy if we took a TE in the draft, even as high as a 3rd rounder, as a sub for DG in the future, with Dan being 30. Jeb is a decent back up. Nate Jackson has some upside, but I can see them getting rid of him due to injury concerns and his age (29 as a back up), Bergen and Mustard, as much as Chad is a toiler and likeable.


Running Back/ Full Backs -

  1. Anthony Alridge.
  2. Tatum Bell.
  3. Cory Boyd.
  4. Andre Hall.
  5. Alex Haynes.
  6. Peyton Hillis.
  7. Andrew Pinnock.
  8. Micheal Pittman.
  9. PJ Pope.
  10. Ryan Torain.
  11. Selvin Young.

Analysis: It gets interesting here. I will start with those that MUST go. Goodbye Andre Hall (hes just a Blah running back...very ordinary), Alex Haynes who was just in because of injuries, Selvin Young who is too inuury prone and just does not bring enought to the table. Cory Boyd, who may go back to the PS but who we never saw play, will go. That leaves Ryan Torain, PJ Pope (both who I think have some upside), Michael Pittman, who i believe is on the bubble. I believe Pinnock is the epitome of the FB that Jedi McD will look for...a short yardage iso blcoker who can be an outlet pass target out of the back field. he reminds me a lot of Heath Evans, who is the current FB for the Patriots. Also remember, that Pinnock was groomed to replace Lorenzo Neal by Marty and Cam Cameron and did not suit Norv's style of play. My 3 starters would be Hillis, Torain and Alridge, with Pinnock at FB. I dont think we need a RB in the draft, and believe our back field with Hillis as the leader would be awesome. Someone needs to convince me that the guys in the draft can bring more to the table for OUR team than Hillis can. Our of Hillis and his team mates Jones and McFadden he was by FAR the best of them, and we got him in the 7th. this makes me laugh and laugh! I would take a LONG look at Sproles, not just as a change of pace back, but as our PR/KR. Instant upgrade and gives us a chance to keep Eddie as a WR only.


Offensive Line -

  1. Ryan Clady.
  2. Mitch Erickson.
  3. Ben Hamilton.
  4. Ryan Harris.
  5. Chris Kuper.
  6. Kory Lichtensteiger.
  7. Pat Murray.
  8. Tom Nalen.
  9. Clint Oldenberg.
  10. Erik Pears.
  11. Tyler Polumbus.
  12. Casey Weigmann.

Analysis: We have the best O Line in the business, with it being anchored by 2 of the best young tackles in the business with Clady and Harris. We keep Hamilton, who I think did a great job this year, and Chris Kuper is an animal as well. Casey is back for one more year, but we need to make sure that k Lich is the center we need him to be. Otherwise, we may see Hamilton moving into that role in 2010, which is a great plan B. Tyler Polumbus shows potential, as does Pears. Nalen retires, and we say good bye to Erickson and Murray....maybe Pears as well if we draft a young guy in the 5th or 6th round, which is probable in my opinion.It will be a toss up between Oldenberg and Pears as who to who walks.


Cornerbacks -

  1. Champ Bailey.
  2. Josh Bell.
  3. Dre Bly.
  4. Rashod Moulton.
  5. Karl Paymah.
  6. Jack Williams.

Analysis: We do have some young talent here, but there has been a lot of conjecture on MHR as to who walks, who is traded, what we should do etc. I think Champ stays, as do Josh Bell and Jack Williams. Now, the big questions is Dre Bly? How much trade value does he have? Has he been the victim of bad coaching and scheming? Does a 3-4 help him, especially if Nolan plays with safety help over the top? What this team does at safety will determine the direction we move in with regards to Dre. I believe we keep him. He would be a big cap hit this year, and I think he has been the victim of bad schemeing by the previous defensive staff. I think we could see a marked improvement in his play with a new more aggressive scheme. Paymah goes. I dont know enough about he just training camp fodder? I can see us going some CB help in the draft, or us bringing in a player like Kelvin Hayden, Bryant McFadden or Dunta Robinson. Forget the dream of is not going to happen, and I actually think any of the 3 guys listed would be a good investement with better upside when looking at the TRUE value of the acquisition, especially if paired with Champ.

Line Backers -

  1. Boss Bailey
  2. Louis Green.
  3. Mario Haggan.
  4. Niko Koutouvides.
  5. Spencer Larsen.
  6. Nate Webster.
  7. DJ Williams.
  8. Jamie Winborn.
  9. Wesley Woodyard.

Analysis: Boss Bailey would be good in a 3-4 with his side and speed, but he is CONSISTENTLY snake bit with injuries, and would be a very expensive back up. I like him, but I think he will be let go, unless he restructures. If he does this, I say keep him. Louis Green is a ST ace and we will keep him at minimum cost. Haggans played well, and if he is cost efficient he maybe a good fit in our 3-4 system at 6'3 and 263lbs. Niko and Nate Webster are gone. Jamie Winborn is gone also as he was not a fit in SF with Nolan's scheme, and he wont be here. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE play Larsen as a LB. He will be great as an ILB and will bring passion and hitting. WW would be great OLB but I still think he would be worth a look at safety with his speed, size and hitting. DJ will stay, but where will we play him? I think he will fit at ILB with Larsen.  If this is the case, then we would look at an OLB like Cushing, Clay Matthews or Larry English and allow us to trade down. the second option is playing DJ outside, WW at safety, and we bring in Rey at ILB with Larsen. My thoughts are that Larsen is a better fit at ILB than DJ. Other options in situational plays would be Moss and Dumervil, but I will get to that when looking at our D Line.


Safetys -

  1. Josh Barrett.
  2. Vernon Fox.
  3. Herana-Daze Jones.
  4. Marquand Manuel.
  5. Marlon McCree.

Analysis: The only one of these guys that is starting quality is Josh Barrett. He has awesome measurables, and played VERY well against TG and Gates. Vernon Fox is a career back up. Jones is a ST and Manuel and McCree are flsat out terrible. I would keep Barrett only, and we will see Denver bringing in help at safety both in the draft and in FA. I would like to see us look at Patrick Chung, Louis Delmas and William Moore. The funny thing is that Moore will fall to the 2nd round, with Dlemas probably going late in the 1st. Chung will go early 2nd, so it will probably see some manauvering by the Broncos to get either of these guys. In free agency, I would be inclined to look at maybe a couple of guys: I really like ATogwe from the Rams who is young and a hitter. Dawkins will be avaialbale and might be a great idea for a couple of years, but at what cost.  I like Yerimaih Bell, Dawan Landry and Mike Brown might be an option, with him starting 15 games last year. These are all automatic upgrades for our offense, and would fit in with an aggressive man scheme that would help Dre Bly. WW maybe a surprise option at SS too.


Defensive Line -

  1. Matthias Askew (DT)
  2. Nic Clemons (DT).
  3. Tim Crowder (DE).
  4. Elvis Dumervil (DE).
  5. Ebenezer Ekuban (DE).
  6. John Engleberger (DE).
  7. Ryan McBean (DE).
  8. Jarvis Moss (DE).
  9. Kenny Peterson (DT).
  10. Carlton Powell (DT).
  11. Dewayne Robertson (DT).
  12. Josh Shaw (DT).
  13. Marcus Thomas (DT).

Analysis: Going to 3-4 really detrmines who is of any value to this team. Some of these guys may be moved to situational pass rushers, which could effect the total make up of our team. Guys that will go in my opinion are Askew (although he has size but I am not sure if he has experience in 3-4), Engleberger, McBean, Robertson and Shaw. Tim Crowder will get a shot in camp, but is on the bubble. His skill set is more suited to a 3-4 as an end/ rusher but he will want to bring it or he will be gone. Clemons and Peterson showed something in a 3-4 set up, and I believe that a 3-4 will see GREAT development for Marcus Thomas. Carlton Powell has size, and a has proven in college that he can pentrate the backfiled with double coverage. He will be a DE in a 3-4, and may have some upside as a DT if he can put on some size. he is lifting a lot of weight, and I have a feeling he is being groomed as a NT already. Jarvis Moss, in my opinion, was coming on, and is a perfect fit as a rusher in a 3-4. Same goes for Doom, and if these guys develop in a 3-4 system, we could be set. I would love to see us bring in Canty as he would bring a lot of pressure and would be more of a fit than Peppers. A big no on Haynesworth. If Raji is still there at 12, we may take him, but look for Denver to FA some guys and then bring in a guy like Brace from BC. NT is the key, and if we can even be servicable we will be set on defense for major improvements. I like Watson, Cole and Cody as NT fliers from FA: should be relatively low cost and would give us some options.

Specialists -

  1. Mike Leach (LS).
  2. Matt Prater (K).
  3. Brett Kern (P)
  4. Eddie Royal (PR).
  5. Selvin Young (KR).

Analysis: Mike Leach is one of the best out there. I am not prepared to give up on Prater, but he needs competition and Brendan Cootu will be available from Seattle, so I would definitely take a look. Brett Kern did well. Selvin is NOT a good KR. Eddie is electric, but I would look at bringing in Sproles in FA to take over these duties as well as a great change of pace back. Instant upgrade on return game will REALLy help our team.

Anyway, a super long post, but I thought it might bring some great discussions.

Get back to me with your thoughts, check out our roster and see what you think.



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