Alright this is my mock Offseason so far, I still need some better draft analysis but nevertheless....







Chris Canty, Cowboys. Age: 26.
Though he had somewhat of a down year in 2008, Chris Canty is still a decent defensive end in the 3-4.


Gabe Watson (RFA), Cardinals. Age: 25.
One of the many reasons Arizona was able to improve so much on defense throughout the year. The Cardinals can't afford to let Giant Gabe go anywhere.



Igor Olshansky, Chargers. Age: 27.
Igor Olshansky was an effective end in the 3-4 until this season. He performed poorly in 2008 and will need to reestablish himself next year.

^^^Im not 100 % sure of what they're talking about.  He lost playing time, which the chargers like to do when they are not going to resign  a guy.  He is known his rute strength and is the 1st nfl player from the former Soviet Union. He is 6-6 and 309 pounds.  His motor runs hot and cold.  But he has a good relationship with Wayne Nunnly.  Good at eating up two blockers.  Cheap for what he is.


Mike Wright, Patriots. Age: 27.
Another young, reliable depth player in the 3-4. Mike Wright is versatile to play end and nose tackle.

Undrafted. tendered for 2nd round last year.  On injured reserve 2 years ago after 7 games and oce a year or two before that.




Marques Harris, Chargers. Age: 27.
A solid reserve in the 3-4, Marques Harris managed 2.5 sacks in just a handful of starts.


He seems like a good football player capable of making plays, causing sacks and forcing 2 fumbles in 08. played in 15 games the last three years.

If he comes cheap I could see getting him, but I think we should build through the draft and not dig in SD's trash.




Bart Scott, Ravens. Age: 29.
A really good linebacker or the product of a great Ravens system? No one can really be certain, but one thing's for sure - Bart Scott is really entertaining. Asked to compare Chris Johnson and LenDale White, Scott said, "Let's see: a fat guy and the fastest guy in the 40... Not fat. I'm sorry. Plump."

Im just saying if hes cheaper than expected or if we could get a good deal...


Channing Crowder, Dolphins. Age: 25.
Channing Crowder is coming off a great season in which he recorded 113 tackles. However, he has bad knee history, and it's a bit concerning that his best year came in his contract season. Someone will likely overpay for him.

I'm not sure with him.  He seems pretty good and is known for stopping the run.  Capable of plugging holes for rbs


Andra Davis, Browns. Age: 30.
Andra Davis' days as a starting inside linebacker are probably over, but he'll be a valuable backup somewhere.


Another 3-4 ILB. If he comes at a back up price think we buy/sign him.


I think before we load up o ILBs and OLBs we have to look at our draft strategy then come back an sign free agents.



James Sanders, Patriots. Age: 25.
James Sanders has become a pretty reliable player in New England's secondary. At just 25 years old, Sanders looks like he has a bright future ahead of him.


Sean Jones, Browns. Age: 27.
Normally, strong safety is one of the few positions that's not a weakness on Cleveland's defense. However, Jones was banged up all year despite never missing a start prior to the 2008 campaign.


Jim Leonhard, Ravens. Age: 26.
Jim Leonhard stepped in for an injured Dawan Landry and played remarkably well. Look for him to follow Rex Ryan to New York.


Mike Brown, Bears. Age: 31.
It's a shame, but it looks like Mike Brown's career is winding down. He was an incredible player when healthy, but he spent far too many weeks on injury reports.

Mike brown would only be if he came heap to be used as a backup starter






I don't think we should break the bank on anyone signing, instead look for low cost talent that fits our system and can start or provide excellent depth.


Igor Olshansky, Chargers. Age: 27

would most likely win LDE spot on our Dline


Mike Wright, Patriots. Age: 27


Andra Davis, Browns. Age: 30

Conditional:  I don't think we need much help with our LBs through free agency, but if Davis would sign something like a one year 1 million deal it would provide us with enough depth at ILB with including the draft


Conditional: Mike Brown, Bears. Age: 31

only if hes cheap, 1-2  year contract





Rey Maualuga, USC
Height: 6-3. Weight: 254.

Im not one of those big lets get Rey guys but I think he is the best choice and should be  instant starter and huge improvement.




Evander Hood, Missouri
Height: 6-3. Weight: 298.

I want this guy.  He reminds me of the feeling I had for Eddie Royal last year(before the draft).  Good work ethic styg's stuff on him.

I it gets determined we could get him in the 3rd we could swap this pickand the next one(3) so we get patrick chung then evander hood.



Derek Pegues, FS, Mississippi State
Height: 5-9. Weight: 193.


Michael Hamlin, SS, Clemson
Height: 6-2. Weight: 207.

I'm not so sure, but I want a talented Saftey with a good character and devout work ethic.  I dont know if that is an of these guys but this pick should be on someone with that.



Terrance Taylor, Michigan
Height: 6-0. Weight: 317.

Again styg has better analysis on him.  I would like to see him win our starting NT in the near  future.




Tim Jamison, Michigan
Height: 6-2. Weight: 265

A 3-4 OLB


2nd choice would be

 Worrell Williams, California
Height: 6-2. Weight: 249.

An ILB that fits 3-4 Ds



Arian Foster, Tennessee
Height: 6-0. Weight: 232.

He is a RB that still managed to be decent even though they had no QB threat

or some other runningback




too hard to find who can play zone block right now



Jeremy Navarre, Maryland
Height: 6-3. Weight: 284.

a 3-4 DE at the next level


Ian Campbell, Kansas State
Height: 6-5. Weight: 252.

a rush 3-4 LB




Marcus Thomas, Carlton Powell, Kenny Peterson, Igor Olshansky, Mike Wright, Evander Hood, Terrance Taylor, Jeremy Navarre, Tim Crowder

fight for 3 spots, possibly:

Igor Olshansky/E.Hood......................Mike Wright/T. Taylor/Powell...............Thomas/E.Hood/Peterson


Wesely Woodyard,DJ williams, Ian Campbell, Tim Jamison, Andra Davis, Rey Mauluga, Spencer Larsen, Jarvis Moss, Elvis Dumervil

fight for 4 LB spots, possibly:



DrafteeSAFTEY, Josh Barret, Manuel, Fox, WW?,

fight for Saftey possibly:




I. Olshansky/E.Hood........Wright/T.Taylor/Powell...........Thomas/E.Hood

WW/DJ..........Larsen.................Rey M..........................Doom




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