my take on mcdaniels thoughts and actions.

keep in mind that the NFL is a business.
this is a couple things i think, when considering the perspectives of Mcdaniels.

now i want to say that i do not approve of this whole situation one bit, and i will have more on that later.

now to be fair to the coach, we don't know the entire situation. 

As a head coach, you must think of and listen to all the options available to you.   my best guess is that this idea was floated to the broncos by the buccaneers  (sheer brilliance on their part.  take a team with one of the best young QB's in the league, and use the former coaches pupil as the trade bait.  For the record, if anyone thinks that Mcdaniels didnt want cassel, then they are crazy.....imagine for a second if jeremy bates took over the raiders, he would be trying to swing a deal to get cutler, regardless of the money and potential attached to Jamarcus Russell (not a perfect example, but you get the idea).

now take a moment to think about this trade offer:

Broncos get: Cassell, 19th, 50th, and 89th overall pick,
Patriots get: 12the overall pick
Buccanneers get: cutler

the patriots just traded cassell for a second round pick, so they would be trading there third round pick to improve upon the second rounder from the chiefs to the 12th pick so they would probaly accept.   the buccaneers would get cutler, a proven top 10 QB with top 5 potential for the next 10 years and they have to give up their first and second round pick......which they will have to give up anyways to move up and grab stafford and maybe even Sanchez.

the problem is that the chiefs made the trade before hand.... now Mcdaniels made an error in assuming that the chiefs were not going to make a run at Cassel.  tough to assume, but none the less it just blew up in his face.   also he learned a nice lesson about belichek and the patriots,  who according to i think it was chris moretnsen leaked this information to the press.

now the big question:  how the hell does our coach think that Cassel is better than Cutler.  
the answer is quite simple.   he doesn't, and he didn't need to to make this trade happen.  Cutler is a top 8 QB and it is my opinion that in 1-2 years he will cement his place as a top 5 QB.   
Cassell probaly falls somewhere near the 12th best QB right now.....but he ran the same offense in New england, and the talent level is just as good in denver, so there is no reason to believe that his play would drop-off,  instead since it was his first season as a starter he would improve and end up being a top10 or top 8 QB.
so that trade would be let's say the 9th best QB for the 4th best QB and gaining a second and third round pick at the expense of falling back a bit in the first round.

would i make the trade.....never, especially since you could trade back from the 12th and gain compensation, without trading cutler in for cassel.
is it a horrible trade to make under the parameters above...... no probaly not, and if you are 100% comfortable working with cassell, then maybe it is what you would prefer.

the reality of it is that now the broncos have a huge mess, at a time when everyone should be extremely happy with the improvement the defense is taking and special teams (which have always been some of the worst in the league).  
Cutler will obviously play for the broncos, but this will have a serious negative effect on his learning much so, that i no longer view him as a future top 3 QB of the league and rather the potential to be the 5th or 6th best.   those QB's lead there teams to championships, but to lose something like a top 3 QB for no reason should anger everyone.
the other thing that concerns me is what this does to other free agents looking at the broncos as a landing spot, and what it does to distract the team from focusing on free agency.

lastly, what does this do to Cutler and a contract in the future.   will the relationship end up being so torn in a couple years, that he refuses to sign long term with the team. 
right now, there is a new head coach who has for sure lost most of the locker room and his franchise QB.   regardless of what steps forward the team had taken so far in free agency and the coaching staff  (bringing in a proven guy like mike nolan to implement a defense for the next 5 years, as opposed to changing to a new guy every year) my opinion it is safe to say that nothing has really been gained since the day shannahan was fired.

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