Klis: "Belichick pushed Cassell upon McDaniels."

I was just browsing the latest of the DP Broncos articles that come up at about 9pm every evening in NZ and found this article by Mike Klis. The article also discusses the Denver running game and D-line, but obviously the juice of the article is the talk of the so-called Jay Cutler trade.

According to Klis, a source involved in the Jay Cutler trade talks...


...says Belichick aggressively pushed Cassel upon McDaniels from the onset. McDaniels may have allowed loyalty to cloud his judgment and entertained Belichick's proposals far too long.

But according to the source, not one of the many trade offers that swung through Dove Valley came close to pushing the Broncos into striking a deal.


Klis may have actually done some good reporting in the article but who's to say that his sources are accurate. With that said, I do think it is one of the more reasonable accounts of the Cutler supposed trade and it fits in quite nicely with Guru's theory of how it all went down.

If the article is true then I would imagine that one of the reasons that McDaniels "entertained" the trade longer than he should have was because of his relationship with Belichick. Wouldn't you listen longer to someone with whom you have a strong relationship as opposed to some random GM that calls you out of the blue. There's more to it than that of course but just one reason to think about it.

At the end of the article Klis says...

Maybe someday — maybe even Monday, when the new coach conducts his first team meeting — McDaniels and Cutler will share a laugh over the drama that was McJaygate.

Let's hope that Klis is right and McDaniels and Cutler will be laughing about this soon, not to mention all of us Bronco fans.  I was thinking, if all is to be looked back upon in hearty laughs and slaps on the back, and if we already have a name for the fiasco, "McJaygate", then why not have a slogan/phrase that sums up the whole situation in humor.  What do you guys think?  I'm thinking,

                                  "He's just not that into you."   lol.


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