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I'm putting this post up for a number of reasons. One is to vent; I use this site to let off steam. Another is because I feel like I need to get something off my chest, something that I think has been lost in the frenzy that is this McCutlergate fallout. And the third is that I want to know what the F*CK is happening to

Our venerable host, John Bena, AKA TheSportsGuru, started this site in 2006 for the same reasons I am writing this post. There was something big going on then. It was a QB controversy, the biggest one in the history of the Denver Broncos, and it was DOMINATING the Denver media at the time. Of course, this was Plummanahacutlergate, the saga of Jay Cutler and when he would replace Jake Plummer as the Broncos' starting QB. Guru felt the same emotion that I did as the media storm whirled around him: exasperation.

From what I have read in the archives, back in the days of SBN 1.0, of LetPlummerPlay and ohnokoolaid, of Jake and Jay, Guru started this site because he wanted to create a place where intelligent Broncos fans could convene and talk about something other than the Shanaplumcutlergate situation. Of course, he wanted to give his opinion on it, and he did. In one post, and that was it. The beneficiaries of MHR, of which there were only about 15 at the time, also gave their opinion, and then they moved on. It was a beautiful thing.


I joined this site not because of the community, but because of the way the staff handled their business. I came to love it for the community. The first post I read on MHR was Styg's piece comparing Ryan Clady and Chris Williams (incidentally, Styg had a poll in that post, in which 73% of MHR-ers, including me as a lurker, said they would prefer Williams), and I was sold on the site. Only problem was, I forgot the domain name, and couldn't find it again.

So along came the draft, and ESPN's coverage had me feeling very drunk by midway through the second round, which is astounding as I've never been drunk before in my life. I needed a place to talk BRONCOS, so I looked in the first place to find anything, the Internet. I googled "Broncos blog," and, lo and behold, the number one result was I looked on the front page, and there was this Styg guy again, detailing the Broncos draft picks as they came. In that moment, I was completely sold on Eddie Royal, and somewhat pacified on Ryan Clady (That's right, Zappa, I hated the Clady selection too.) From that moment on, I came to MHR for my every Broncos need, just a-lurking away. Somehow it took me until the end of June to actually join the site, and there could not have been a better thing for me to do. In the past seven months and fifteen days, I have laughed and cried with the MHR community. I have celebrated with you and I have watched the latest raider game with you. I have dominated all of you in fantasy football. I have left a part of myself in this site, and I feel like it is a part of me. I count some of the members on here as my best friends, and I am as close to you as I am to the people I am physicall with every day.

Now, you're probably asking why I included half of my life story in this post. It is because I feel that everything that I love about MHR is dying. It saddens me to see the FanPosts and comments are dominated by knee-jerk reactions, lack of research and strength of argument, bickering amongst our own kinsmen, and worst of all, trolls. Right now, and for the last week and a half, MHR has been a place that I don't want to be. For the first time in months, I would rather spend my Internet time watching random YouTube videos over and over again than reading a nice FanPost on MHR, leaving some comments, and poking a little fun at Zappa. And I HATE this.

I say we treat this situation as Guru and the early boys (I like to call them MHRboriginals) treated the Plumjaycutlanahajakeletplummerplaygate situation of 2006. Hold our water and wait for credible information to break. Stop making knee-jerk reactions. Look to see if something has already been posted before you post it yourself. And most of all, don't say something that you're going to regret tomorrow. I know we are ALL guilty of this. I certainly am, and you know you are too.

I love you guys, and I really don't want to have to grimace every time I'm about to open up the homepage. Please, let's be gantlemanly about this, and take the information as it goes. And remember this: We are ALL Broncos fans (hopefully) and we ALL want them to succeed. Regardless of whether you are in the Cutler camp or the McDaniels camp, respect the other side of the argument, and do not, EVER, wish ill on either party. The strongest possibility right now, it seems, is that both Cutler and McDaniels will be members of the Denver Broncos organization at the start of the 2009 season. Since they are both Broncos, we as fans are obligated to cheer them on.

So I say stick up for both Josh and Jay, and hope for the whole situation to blow over. After all, imagine the possibilities with both of these guys on O. Mike Clark, can I get a 13-3 baby??


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