Horse Tracks 3/18/09


UPDATE 11:38AM EST - Here's a column that cannot be missed - John Czarnecki at Fox says that Cutler and Cook had indeed requested a trade after the departure of Shanahan and Jeremy Bates.

ESPN - Well, we've devolved to this...Herm Edwards and Trent Dilfer do a little role playing, as McDaniels and Cutler. Then, Kolber, Golic and Hasselbeck talk about what they think should happen. Meanwhile, Jabar Gaffney says that Josh McDaniels treats everyone equally - star QBs and the rest of the lot.

NFL - See parts of Gaffney's press conference here.

DP - Lindsay Jones has more of the above.

DP - Elvis Dumervil says the defense will be "nasty." We can only hope...

DP - Denver worked out Louisville center Eric Wood yesterday and will take a peek at B.J. Raji on Friday.

NFL - Rich Eisen explains that Tom Brady's knee injury was the first domino to fall on Jay Cutler and Josh McDaniels' relationship.

CSG - A positive spin on the whole situation! 13-3 Baby!

Rocky - Sam Adams thinks Pat Bowlen needs to re-assert himself.

Y! - Here's the AP's take, courtesy of Arnie Stapleton.

SI - Peter King says "Hold off on the Jay Cutler trade talk" and then proceeds to talk Jay Cutler trade possibilities for the rest of his column. Seriously, Peter?

SI - This was already posted on the front page last night, but in case you missed it Don Banks drops the hammer on Bus Cook. It's an absolute must-read.

NFL - Eisen, Wilcots and Woodson talk about trade destinations for Jay Cutler.

DP - Trent Dilfer offers his take on Jay Cutler and Minnesota.

DP - Krieger blames McDaniels and doesn't even mention Bus Cook.

NFL -'s editors debate the Cutler situation.

DMN - Jean-Jacques Taylor tells Cowboys fans to forget about a Romo-Cutler deal.

HC - What about Kubes and the Texans?

CST - Meanwhile, Neil Hayes tells Bears fans they're crazy by not wanting Chicago to offer the ranch for Cutler. Greg Couch feels the same way as Hayes.

CST - Kyle Orton isn't worried about the "rumors". More from the Tribune.

TN - David Climer says the Titans could right the wrong of drafting VY ahead of JC. Climer's colleagues don't quite think it's possible.

TU - Here's a call for the Niners to acquire Cutler.

CPD - Tony Grossi thinks a Cutler trade elsewhere could help raise Brady Quinn's value.

AZR - Here's the take in Arizona on McJayGate.

now, onto actual news...

KCS - The Chefs have agreed to terms with Monty Beisel, Bobby Engram and Terrance Copper. More on the Engram signing here.

SDUT - LDT gave up a lot of cash to stay in San Diego.

SFG - Al Davis and Lane Kiffin met face-to-face yesterday in a hotel room outside a hotel lobby.

ESPN - Former Eagles tight end L.J. Smith has agreed upon a one-year deal to join the Ravens.

ESPN - The Jets have matched Cleveland's offer sheet to safety Abram Elam.

Y! - The Saints have agreed to terms with former Rams center Nick Leckey.

Y! - The Steelers have re-upped with offensive tackle Trai Essex.

Y! - In addition to Dan Federkeil, the Colts re-signed RB Lance Ball and LB Buster Davis.

ESPN - Tackle John St. Clair has agreed to join the Browns, and his agent Len Pasquarelli says that St. Clair is a key loss for the Bears and brings experience to Cleveland. How's that for journalism?

NFP - Matt Bowen takes a look at what's going on in Cleveland.

Y! - Here's Michael Silver's Tuesday column, including some responses to emails about You Know Who.

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