Opinion - How Mike Leach Affected Cutler's Desire to Leave

Until a few weeks ago Mike Leach was the long snapper for the Denver Broncos.  Few people pay much attention to a long snapper, but when Lonie Paxton was signed from the Patriots everyone noticed from the Denver Broncos fans to the players. 

The signing of Paxton was big deal because it indicated to a couple of very significant things.

First it indicated that Coach McDaniels, not GM Xanders is in charge of personnel decisions.  Xanders appears to be the guy who negotiated the contracts and manages the salary cap.  If Pat Bowlen intended to split control of the team it didn't happen.  McDaniels is Shannahan II, without the experience.

Second, the signing indicated something very big to fans and players.  A long snapper doesn't have to adapt to a new offense, they snap the ball that's it.  Mike Leach has done it for years and nobody can remember when he last made a mistake.  In signing Paxton for more money, McDaniels was signaling that he either did not watch film on his own team, or that performance doesn't matter.  From a strategic sense, it seemed like an odd waste of precious time and money when there is so many other things that are realy needed for the team.

We can only conclude that McDaniels needed a friend on the team.  And Lonie was going to be his buddy.

No surprise then when Brandon Stockely expressed the feelings of the team and fans at large.  A sort of collectve...Huh??? 

So within this context Jay hears the trade rumors.  McDaniels doesn't seem to get it.  His first move in becoming the head coach was to set a stage of distrust and then he follows it up with an effort to trade Jay for another buddy.  We have to ask again.  Has McDaniels watched the film yet on his own team?  Is he aware of what Jay did?  Is he aware of what anybody on this team has done?

So the distrust for the organization is not one of just thinking the coach told a white lie about seeking to trade him.  It's deeper than that.  And McDaniel's still has no clue what he did.

Given the strange decisions McDaniels is making, and his own tone deafness to it, it's not just the players who want to be traded.  The fans want to be traded to a place that makes sense again.














This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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