Dan Wetzel calls out Mortenson

This morning Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports calls out Chris Mortenson. While the article is written from the NE perspective he essentially accuses Mortenson of fabricating, or at least greatly stretching the truth, of the whole Cassel for Cutler trade.

When you couple this with rumors that Jay asked for a trade after Bates was fired and it starts to play out much differently. The more I read this the more it seems to play out like this:

1. Jay, upset over the firings of Shanny and Bates, shoots his mouth off about wanting to be traded.

2. Approaching FA teams in need of QBs start brainstorming about who might be available. Look Denver has a new coach and a QB who seems to be upset, they muse. Maybe they might be interested in trading Culter for the right price.

3. TB actually concocts a 3-way trade that might be plausible. Discussions are held, but Denver nixes the deal. (It had to be Denver. Why would NE accept a worse deal from KC and TB came up with it in the first place).

4. Word of the discussions leaks to the MSM who then engage in their typical distortions and contortions rathing than vetting the full story.

5. Cutler's agent, Bus Cook,seeing an opportunity to gain leverage, spins the story out of control (look at how many stories include quotes from him).

6. The Bronco's front office, realizing no good can come from futher discussions, make a statement to the DP, now the ONLY trustworthy local news source, then shut up.

7. Cook and the bloggo-sphere continue to whip the story out of proportion.

8. Hopefully well informed and reasoned fans realize that we have all been played by the MSM and Cook and forget the whole story and get on with our lives.

9. Cutler cools off (just like he did anfter Shanny's firing) and realizes that, even if he wants to get traded, the best way to max his paycheck is to put together a killer 2009 season.

10. The Broncos surprise the MSM by dominating the AFC West, including SD, enroute to a 10-6 season and a playoff birth. While they fall short of the SB, everyone realizes what this game is really about and resolves to come back even stronger in 2010.

OK, granted, the last two may be a stretch, even the last three. But the sooner we realize that we have been played, the sooner we can look at what really has been a very successful beginning to rebuilding this team.

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