Horse Tracks 3/25/09


DP - Brandon Marshall can only wait for the Commish to decide his fate. Apparently, the convicted drug dealer in PA merely had a conversation with Correll Buckhalter and never sold him drugs. This is according to said convicted drug dealer...but we can be hopeful. Tony Scheffler is back with the team - seems he just wanted to break his streak of getting hurt on the first day of OTAs. Well, there's another overblown story. McDaniels says the running game will be a mix of the zone-block and gap schemes.

DP - McDaniels says there are several candidates to play NT within a 3-4 for Denver. Meanwhile, it sounds like Elvis Dumervil will be fulfilling the good old elephant role.

SI - Don Banks gave his thoughts on the McDaniels press conference. It's well-written and worth a read.

DP - According to Klis, McDaniels and Cutler were scheduled to speak one-one-one via phone last night. No word on whether the conversation occurred.

PDN - More on the Buckhalter story from Philly.

NFL - Finally, the Cutler situation is being painted as one which can be resolved at NFLN.

TSN - UPDATE 9:48AM EST - Albert Breer over at the Sporting News provides a rational look at the Cutler situation.

NFL - Breaking news!!! Peter King says (again) that Jay Cutler will not be traded anytime soon. Whew! Thanks, PK!

NFL - Charlie Casserly explains how he would go about pestering the Broncos to trade Cutler. And then, if you can stand it, listen to Marshall Faulk and Jamie Dukes theorize on how to placate Cutler in Denver. Or, do yourself a favor and stop the video after Casserly is done - I already watched that garbage for you. Okay?

NFL - The NFL unveiled the 50th Anniversary AFL uniforms. You'll never guess whose jersey Josh McDaniels was posing with...

DP - Krieger writes about the supposed/pending phone conversation. Ugh.

FOX - Mark Kriegel makes a big deal out of McDaniels referring to Cutler as "the player."

CBS - More on Cutler and McDaniels from Pete Prisco. Again, I read it so you don't have to...

IN - Sam Adams writes about possible trade destinations. Sam, you're about a week or two late on this one...

NFL - The NFL owners passed four new rules yesterday to turn the NFL into the Arena League protect players.

NFL - The pedestrian who was struck and killed by the car driven by Donte' Stallworth was not in the crosswalk, according to the police report. Toxicology reports on Stallworth have still not been released, despite what sources reported last week.

KCS - Todd Haley is pleased with Matt Cassel's work ethic.

KCS - Tony Gonzalez says he's equally fine staying with the Chefs or going. Meanwhile, a source close to Gonzalez is saying otherwise.

SDUT - Norv Turner says a larger role for Darren Sproles will help keep LDT fresh in '09.

SFC - Sounds like Tom Cable thinks JaMarcus Russell needs to work a little harder.

Y! - Patriots owner Robert Kraft says there's room in New England for Jason Taylor.

NFL - Eric Mangini says the QB position in Cleveland is up for grabs. He was referring to Brady Quinn and Derek Andersen, so try not to flip out.

Y! - Meanwhile, supposedly disgrunted DT Shaun Rogers is working out with the Browns at OTAs. See? Happy endings really do happen, Jay! Jay? Jay?!?!?!

Y! - The Colts have signed free-agent LB Adam Seward, while cutting RB Clifton Dawson.

NFP - Matt Bowen explains what would be problematic with expanding the NFL's regular season.

NFL - Pat Kirwan, you are the man. Kirwan lists his top twelve items of interest at the Owner's Meetings, and none of them involve a quarterback whose name starts with "J" and ends with "ay Cutler."

NFL - Old friend Wade Phillips is still the Head Coach of the Cowboys and has Jerry Jones' support. See, Jay?

NFP - Mike Lombardi poses his five questions of each NFC West team.

NFP - Wes Bunting focuses on the three-cone drill.

Y! - Here's Mike Silver's Tuesday column. Try to skip over the emails...

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