Horse Tracks 3/26/09


DP - Josh McDaniels sat down with Klis and Jones for a lengthy interview, and luckily the latter two have posted the entire thing - it's a must-read for all Broncos fans, as they cover almost everything. Again, he mentions that the running game will be a blend of the incumbent zone-block system and the gap scheme he's used to running, and McD also says that Tony Scheffler is a good fit for his system. Take that, PFW!

Y! - Charles Robinson writes that in addition to the Bucs, the Vikings were the second team to contact Denver about Cutler as free agency opened, not Detroit as had been previously reported. The Lions and Bears did contact Denver later on, but it's unclear when. Robinson also speaks with Kubes and Todd Haley, who stress the importance of trust between a coach and QB and mental toughness on the part of the latter.

DP - McDaniels has prioritized running backs who can handle their duties on third down; he wants players who can handle the blitz and swing out for a pass. He was extremely impressed by J.J. Arrington's performance in the Super Bowl.

DP - Woody responds to some emails about Cutler, Elway, McDaniels, and everyone's favorite agent. Now, if you're really feeling masochistic, watch/listen to Woody talk about the Cutler situation for 4 minutes and 38 seconds.

DP - Lindsay Jones offers some thoughts on the 3-4 conversion, the OL, the AFC West, and Josh McDaniels' age.

DP - Jones spoke to Jim Schwartz and Raheem Morris about Cutler, McDaniels about Mike Leach and Lonie Paxton, and Morris and McDaniels about their age.

PI - Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie calls Brian Dawkins his "favorite player (he's) ever had."

DP - Armstrong is breaking some more news. He says the pressure is on McDaniels to win. Zzzzzzzz.

NFL - The idea of an expanded NFL regular season is certainly gathering steam - Roger Goodell is pushing the idea publicly, so there must be some serious traction already.

NFL - A few new rules were passed yesterday - starting in 2010, playoff teams will draft from 21-30 based upon the timing of their playoff exit, rather than their regular-season record. Loose balls that could be ruled as fumbles, incomplete passes, or to have struck out of bounds may now be reviewed. Illegal procedures by the kicking team during an onsides kick will no longer result in a re-kick; the ball will be rewarded to the receiving team. Also, a two-week waiver process will be instituted at the beginning of training camp.

Y! - Goodell sees value in starting a new developmental league for the NFL.

KCS - The Chefs have signed former Chargers lineman Mike Goff.

KCS - Scott Pioli says Tony Gonzalez has not requested a trade.

KCS - Pioli also discusses his philosophy on free agency; he looks for hard workers, not necessarily the biggest names or most expensive players.

SDUT - Goff apparently didn't feel wanted in San Diego. Poor guy...

NFL - The NFLN guys take a deeper look at the Chargers and their offseason.

NFL - The Bears have agreed to terms on a three-year contract with former Browns tackle Kevin Shaffer.

NFL - The Jets have signed free-agent cornerback Donald Strickland, who played for the Niners most recently.

CO - The Panthers and Jake Delhomme are discussing a contract extension.

Y! - The Department of Labor says that Michael Vick illegally spent money from the pension fund of his company.

ESPN - Mike Sando discussed the new on-field rules changes with some NFL head coaches.

SI - Don Banks offers his latest thoughts from the Owner's Meetings.

NFP - Matt Bowen says kickoff returns will be boring and largely unsuccessful without the wedge.

Y! - Jason Cole wonders how coaching staffs will evaluate quarterbacks if the preseason were to be shortened to two games.

NFL - Brian Orakpo and Donald Brown (and others) were impressive at their respective pro days. Watch and read about them here.

NFP - Here's another pro day report from Wes Bunting.

SI - Ross Tucker is wary of pro days and what they really show.

NFP - Mike Lombardi has Denver selecting DE Robert Ayers in his latest mock draft.

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