Incumbent Breakdown- Pre Draft Part 2

So here is the rest of the piece I misplaced somehow yesterday!


First off, all of my players are as of March 26th so things may change. The list I used can be found Here. There are many types of players, I will using three designations as well as stars for each player. Break down as follows:

  • Feature- More than likely a starter, someone who has many skills for their position and brings more than just one ability to the table. They have the intangibles for their position and bring that little extra.
  • Back Up- While this person may have more than one ability they are not considered starter quality and lack certain things such as a skill set or intangible.
  • Depth- These players could also be called Camp fodder. they may have one skill set that is desired but they are more than likely a change up guy or someone who is on the roster specifically for injury issues or depth.

Stars are within their role a 4 star back up is not better than a 3 star starter because the starter has a different role than a back up.

5 Star- Excellent, whatever role this player is in, he excels in it and makes the most of his playing time.

4 Star- Above Average, occasionally this player has lapses but on the whole a quality player in his role

3 Star- Average, this player is interchangeable for any other player in his role

2 Star- Below Average, this player tends to be a filler and emergency player.

1 Star- Camp fodder, here to hold a spot until someone can fill it.


Tight End:

Adam Bergen- Depth 2 Star


Haven’t seen him play cant find game film. Don’t know what to say other than that.


Daniel Graham- Feature 4 Star

Daniel Graham is one of the most under-rated players in the NFL. His blocking abilities mak him appear like a third tackle on the field at times. He has been under- rated as apass threat because of how little he has beenused in that respect with Tony Scheffler lining up opposite him. Daniel will improve any player on the roster with his knowledge of the position he plays.


Tony Scheffler- Feature 3 Star


At this point Tony is interchangeable with other starting tight ends as far as receiving. His blocking ability continually gets better as he spends moretime with Graham and the coaches. The biggest knock on Scheff is that he cant put 16 games together. This could be an issue in the future but for now I think Tony lives out his contract.


Jeb Putzier Back Up 3 Star


Jeb is basically a clone of Tony Scheffler but a little less speed. He has blocking but is better in the passing game. Expendable and the reason he only signed a one year contract.

Wide Receiver:

Matt Willis- Depth 3 Star


Haven’t seen Matt play and his college film leave a lot to be desired. Another Draft day Casualty.


Jayson Foster- Depth 2 Star


The biggest knock on Jayson Foster is that Frodo Baggins is taller than he is. 5’7" is hard to pull in the NFL unless you are a return guy, Cornerback or Running Back. We will see if he makes it out of training camp.


Jabar Gaffney- Back Up 4 Star


Who on this team knows the offensive tendencies better than Jabar? I think he will make a great 4th receiver and will give our guys a lot to learn from. I like the signing for the work ethic and what he brings to a team as far as versatility.


Chad Jackson- Back Up 3 Star


Chad looks good sometimes. Chad looks bad sometimes. Chad needs to learn to develop his game as the actual game goes on. He is good for 5 or six plays but after that he has problems separating from coverage.


Eddie Royal- Feature 3 Star


Eddie was great last year as a #2 guy. I think he is best suited for the slot but right now I like the way it pans out with Eddie, Brandon, Brandon and Jabar. Royal enters season #2 with people looking to game plan him a bit.


Brandon Marshall- Feature 4 Star


Aside from drops and fumbles Brandon is becoming a legitimate threat that requires a double team. His problem is girls. As the Fresh Prince said "girls of the world aint nothing but trouble." On the field Brandon needs to learn to read the defense a bit faster and respond quicker. Off the field listen to the Prince "So next time a girl gives you the play, just remember my rhymes and get the hell away."


Brandon Stokely- Feature 5 Star


A truly special player. Brandon is nearing the end of his career but is still a big play guy. Peyton counted on him when it came to third down and now Jay does that too. Brandon plays the slot better than a CD player plays a brand new CD. His experience and work ethic should rub off on the young guys and make them better.

Special Teams:


Matt Prater (Kicker) Back Up 5 Star


I like Prater but he needs to keep his head in the game. Outstanding leg, but his aim is what kills me. I don’t think he will be replaced but as of right now he does not scream feature.


Lonnie Paxton (Long Snapper) Feature 5 Star


That being said, I would have given Leach the same ranking. This guy however has guts. Snapping into the goal post for a safety, even if it was what you were supposed to do, is ballsy.


Brett Kern (Punter) Feature 3 Star


Currently I think he is interchangeable. He is good but we can get the same around the league. Like his potential excited to NOT use him this season.


Sorry this had to take two posts guys maybe I will edit this later on after the draft and turn it into one post! Now get to the talking:

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