More From A Ditz - 2008 Offensive Scoring Things

i kinda went into the off season thinking we had a totally awesome offense...and heard lots and lots about being #2, and didn't pay lots of attention to the thing that it was yards...and only later did i hear someone say, yah but what about the points scored...and that got me to thinking (a totally dangerous thing)...and decided to look at it...and i decided on a really simple way to look at it...not offense or defense...just how many points on the score board

So i looked at Denver and compared us to the league, and then decided to look at San Diego cuz they are the ones we just have to beat someday...omg...please let it be forever from now.  And then i decided i would compare us to New England...since we have there offensive coordinator...and then i they had a totally new quarterback...and maybe i should look at the Ravens and Atlanta...since they had totally new quarterbacks too.  And...after i looked...i needed some comic i tossed in the raiders to.

And...since all those bye weeks made my head hurt trying to figure out what it meant...i decided to break the season into weeks 1-3, the bye weeks, weeks 11-14,and weeks hear goes.


Team 1_3 Byes 11_14 15_17
Denver 1 5.4 8.3 13.3
New England 18.3 19.1 11 5.3
San Diego 7.6 2.6 10.3 5.7
Oakland 19.3 27.7 30.5 28.3
Baltimore 24 25.3 15.8 14
Atlanta 9.3 5 5.8 6.7 what?

(1)  We don't have the second best offense...we are almost in the upper third...and like...we got worse as the season went on about scoring...cuz we didn't have any running backs anymore...and J couldn't do it on the field by himself...and...omg...Mike couldn't find a way to make it work.

(2)  New England lost there totally brainiac quarterback, and got better and better as the season went offense is all you need to get into the playoffs...they should have been there...and they have defense Jedi can teach a guy who stood around lots and didnt get to play...would he be able to do better than Mike who had a totally awesome quarterback?

(3)  Baltimore are that good at scoring good as we was totally shocked that a rookie with an awesome defense could do as good as we did...and they got better as they went along.  They had a rookie quarterback who didn't make very many mistakes...and was a team player.

(4)  And the other a running game and a smart quarter back who learns and gets better and listens to his coach...they got better and then played pretty consistent ball.

(5)  And...i couldn't believe it...because i totally hate my sis playing quarterback for San Diego...but even though they didn't have any real defense either...there offense was better scoring than we were (and yah...they fitted us out for our minis in the last game.

(6)  So...Mr B was totally right to go get an offensive guy...because things weren't awesomely ready to go...and we have lots of things we need to scoring...cuz all the yards don't mean anything.

Anyway...just saying




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