A good old Aussie go at Denver's draft. Boydy's take on the Broncos needs and picks!

Hey Guys,

Now that McJaygate has settled down, there have been a plethora of GREAT posts on mock drafts, Denver's needs, who we select, do we trade down etc etc.

What I have decided to do is go thru our present roster which can be found here:

And see where I thought our biggest needs were.

Next, I have gone to draft tek as I love that site, and it enables you to look at the value of the pick and which players SHOULD fall with in our picks. Go to to check it out.

I am NOT considering trade down or trade out scenarios. In my humble opinion, I would try and trade out of the 12, pick up an extra pick, but thats just me!

I will draft for need in the first 3 rounds (while not trying to over reach) and then I will be using the BPA formula for the rounds 4-7. I think this is where we sometimes find some gems that can be BIG contributors to our team.

So, without further ado:

  1. RANKING OUR AREAS OF GREATEST NEED: You can look at the Bronco's current roster, actually, any NFL teams roster and virtually see arguments for taking a player in EVERY position on your roster. I found it easy to identify our areas of weakness, but started double guessing myself with regards to how to rate our areas of weakness.
a) Defensive End: So far, our stock at this position is pretty low with Darrell Reid (who I can see becoming an Adallius Thomas type hybrid player), Tim Crowder (all 260lbs of him), Kenny Peterson (more likely a back up in a rotation), Clemons (another back up) and Ryan McBean (Who?). Also add to that list Carlton Powell and Marcus Thomas, who will also get looks at the NT position. But man, DE is where we REALLY lack a play maker and TRUE 3-4 DE. Number 1 on my list.
b) Cornerback: What? Well, hear me out. Our roster so far is Champ (best there is, but getting older and I am worried is getting hit by the injury bug), Josh Bell (UFA with some upside), Andre Goodman (Nice upgrade but 30), Jack WIlliams (Love the kid, but more hype than substance. He did not come on as much as I thought) and Rashod Moulton (Can you say camp fodder). We need a GOOD, YOUNG CB that can come in and be groomed. Maybe an early round pick and another pick in the 5th or 6th round.
c) Nose Tackle: I am not as worried as most here. We have Marcus Thomas (I think this guy is going to be GREAT either at End or Tackle. Hes agile, big and fast), Ronnie Fields (Many have considered one of the best FA pick ups this year. We got him cheap, he is young, has mad upside and has worked with Nolan before...he could be the man), Carlton Powell (Unknown, but is training the house down, excellent run stopper in college taking on 2 blockers lots of times. Wow, is that not what an NT does. He is virtually another draft pick for us who has a head start of being with the new team months earlier!), Matthias Askew (back up potential at NT and DE) and Parker (Huge guy that is a career bavk up, but who knows, could blossom). We will take one but where?
d) Linebacker: Has anyone checked our roster: Moss, Dumervil (he will be a hydrid like Reid), Bailey, Hagan, Davis, Larsen, Green, Williams and Woodyard. We have playmakers here, and guys that already we can throw multi faceted looks and schemes with. I wont be convinced this is our biggest need. We will take a LB, maybe 2, but it wont be early.
e) Safety: Hill, Barrett (who should flourish under Dawkins and Hill), B Dawk (I am as stoked as HT with this pick up), Fox (whatever), Jones (decent ST guy). We still have a need here for a young guy to come and be the future with Barrett. 
Other areas of need would but not panic ridden would be at WR as well. We look great, but we may need either a burner if Chad Jackson does not work out or a big guy to sub in for BM if/when he is suspended.
SO, we have our areas of need, lets get to the draft! Yahoo!
Malcolm Jenkins CB/ Safety OSU: It was between him and DE Tyson Jackson. Watching film, Tyson takes some plays off, and does not always play with a high motor. Jenkisn is everything that McDaniels and Nolan look for in a player. High motor, high character, intelligent and multi skilled. Jenkins will give the Broncos many options in the back field and fills 2 needs. This over rode the original need for DE in my book, and also the fact that Jenkins can come in and contribute straight away. Scouting report here:

Jarron Gilbert DE San Jose State: Denver fill their need for a playmaker with HUGE potential. The norm is that it takes 2 -3 seasons for any D Lineman to develop. This is a smart pick because not only is Gilbert a DE with huge upside, he is a supremely talented athlete that may take less time to develop. Smart pick here by the Broncos and draft tek. Scoutng report here:

Victor "Macho" Harris CB Virginia Tech: This guy brings attitude, hard hitting and intelligence to the position. Has experience as a return man and is a natural born leader. Brings something to the table straight away in ST and nickel position. Good pick up for Denver. Scouting report here:
Jarrett Dillard WR Rice: You can have too many Eddie Royals. High character player, leading many NCAA records in receiving. A polished route runner with unbelievable elusiveness, he would be a great fit for the Denver Broncos system and brings unbelivable value with this pick. Check this out on Jarrett Dillard (scroll down to video);
Jasper Brinkley ILB  South Carloina: Could be the steal of the draft. Draft tek I think has him ranked low. Will be a great fit inside, and will contribute straight away. Scoutng report here:
Sammie Lee Hill NT Stillman:  I love the upside of this kid and could be our NT of the future. Big and athletic.
ROUND 6: RICHARD QUINN TE NC: I agree with Draft Tek. TE with upside.
ROUND 7: ROY MILLER DE/ NT TEXAS:  Maybe a dianond in the rough with upside at DE and NT. A good development project!
ROUND 7: RAY FEINGA OG BYU: I once again agree with Draft Tek. We need a OG project and he presents best value for money at this pick. He is big and mobile and would be a good fit on our line.
Anyway, cast your eye over this list and see what you think.

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