What is going on in Denver??? Will the fans survive???


OK let's call it "The Cutler flap"

While I am a little disappointed with Cutler's decision to sit out any immediate talks with his bosses I do understand how he feels and any idiots that say he should be traded are brain-dead. Stop for a minute and put yourself in Cutler's shoes.

     a) He was wooed and seduced by Bowlen and Shanny to come to Denver. They sold him on Denver because of the awesome and loyal fan base, the loyalty of the owner and the belief that he(Cutler) was the ticket, not for just the short term but they wanted him to fill Elway's shoes. That means win SB's, retire in Denver and go to the HOF. Anyone who doubts that statement are kidding themselves.That was the sell!!! Oh and by the way Shanny was supposed to be there till retirement as well. At least that is what Cutler was sold on.

      b) He (Cutler) then invested himself in Denver, bought a house settled in for the long haul, and invested himself in the community. He stepped up when it was time as a young leader to call out his players. He braved out a sickness. And won the admiration of his teammates and loyal fans for gutting out hard fought wins. He has done his job, even when his world was rocked when his leader and mentor was dumped for "a new direction" he took some time to mourn the loss and was working toward the future.

       c) Now he is hearing that he is on the trading block. At the very least McDaniels listened and that in itself is an insult. Honestly put yourself in Cutler's shoes. Wouldn't you have been shocked. It's like an earthquake and it would rock your world too. I realize this is a business but Cutler was promised in so many words that they were building the team around him. Now he might be traded? What message is Josh sending to this team???? And to future free agents and draft picks???


Now with that said Cutler has to step up to the plate and take his "at bat" What I mean is:

        a) Did he really make a commitment to the city of Denver and the Bronco fans? If so then make amends with his current boss. (even if he hurt your feelings) things change and I know it's easy for us out here to say that but, honestly, we are having some hard times too!!!

       b) Have you really taken the role as leader of the team? Then step up and be a leader!!! You can take the moral high ground if you live up to your commitments and be the bigger man. Initiate talks with your coach, he obviously needs your help. He is young too, in a way a "rookie". He will make mistakes just as you have and will.

       c) Don't listen to your agent without adding a grain of salt! He too has an agenda and it may not in all cases be to your best advantage.

       d) Long story short "Take the high road" be the leader you haved proved yourself to be on the High School Level, the College level and on the PRO level. Close the gap between what you know you should do and what you are doing. Even if your traded (and God knows I hope you aren't) your value will only go up!!!



WOW now that is a loaded question! For one thing fans in Denver have changed a little from the orange crush dayz and I for one don't understand. Do you enjoy the game or do you just want wins? I know winning is more fun but not everyone wins the superbowl or even a playoff game. Not every team can have a winning record every year. That is the way of the NFL. I realize Denver has had a winning tradition but it wasn't always that way. Do you enjoy watching the game and supporting the home team or what? Be prepared for a rough season, I for one am rooting for the Broncs to go 16-0 but realistically with all this turmoil and change plus the tough schedule they will be lucky to go 8-8 again. Will the fans survive? I hope so!!! But in order to do so I think it will be important to every fan to go back to their hearts and ask why do I even watch the game? Why do I care? Is it for the players that leave their hearts and other body parts on the field? Is it because of the town I live in and the pride? Is it because of the money I put on the game? Why do you watch the game? Why do you care? Regardless of the politics and the money and the personalities don't you just want to see a hard fought contest, where both sides give it all they got and the best team wins even if it's not your team, at some point don't you just love "watchinthegame" all the while hoping your team will come out on top? If so then the fan will be OK even if the team takes a few ups and downs.




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