Mock draft in reaction to Teach's depth chart

Let's think like Josh. Our defensive front sucks. Who had a great defensive front? Oh, the team I just came from! Who did they have that we don't have? Guys that look like Adalius Thomas, Richard Seymour and Mike Vrabel at ROLB, DE or LOLB, respectively. That's the style that Josh is accustomed to! The Broncos certainly do not have anyone on the current roster that compares. Moreover, depth and age (the future) at safety and corner are issues. Also, it is clear that organization thinks it is in win now mode.  So, suppose the first three draft picks are going for players who can start at these positions. And that, to Josh, bigger and more physical is muy bien.

.What follows here is the usual speculation.

The Broncos really need three picks in the top 50 to address their needs. However, they don't need a top 20 pick at all. The 12th is a complete waste in my estimation. Trade the sucker. So this assumes Ia draft day trade w/ Lions or someone.

Round 1.  Prototype =  Adalius Thomas. College DE. 6'5" 270 Big, fast, can beat the tackle and play solid v. run. One could fantasize about Jarvis Moss all you want fitting that role that role (coverage potential/ no experience), and I wish it were so, but there is not a lot to go on yet as far as that particular experiment is concerned. To me Moss is probably a backup at best, a goner at worst. I believe if Doom does not get peddled, he will be situational pass rusher at most. I don't think he can compete against the good left tackles or tight ends! If i'm Josh, I am considering Brian Orakpo, Robert Ayers, Everette Brown and Larry English for this slot. He can grab English from 25 on, Ayers from 30 on. Ayers be 6'3" 272 4.8 and can play tackle, end or linebacker! Is he the man?

Round 2A.   Do we have a Mike Vrabel clone? it's been a few seasons since we had a decent performance at LOLB. How can Josh expect contribution from Boss Bailey? How about covering your flanks with an OLB like Clay Matthews, Chris Sintim, or Connor Barwin! All should be available at 25th or below.

Round 2B. What about Richard Seymour massive 310 lbs pocket crushercompared to our options at RDE/RDT. Played tackle in college, converted to 3-4 end. I wonder if Sen'derrick Marks, Ziggy Hood or Peria Jerry, tackles all will looked at for this role. Jerry should fall to 25. Marks and Hood should still be around after 40. One of them at 50. Both have girth 300 lbs. plus, and strength, with Hood being a step faster.

Round 4. If our depth at safety has to be Josh Barrett and Vernon Fox, can we please draft Victor Macho Harris or Kevin Ellison instead?

Round 5 .Feels like the Broncos are willing to roll with Ron Fields, and will look in a later roundmerely for a future prospect/appropriate depth at nose in the draft, like Chris Baker (massive guy who can also play DE) . They say Baker is boom or bust. Round 5. I can also see the Broncos grooming a nickelback/cornerback of the future. No dwarves please we want tall and fast! Sherrod Martin looks good to me, tall and swift. Just don't think Jack Williams is going to make it even though we all wish him well. Josh Bell, that may be scraping the bottom of the barrel, man!

What do you think?

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