B Dawk's Broncos mock draft

For those of you who love play in the trewnches and believe it all starts up front, you have come to the right mock draft.  I'm a firm believer that your D line reflects the way your entire defense plays.  Looks at the great defenses over the decade, The Vikings-argueably best d line, Titans, w/Haynesworth very good, Steelers, Patriots, Ravens(although they are just good all around), and oh yah the Giants who won a SB from the D Line play, even the Chargers, and the Bears and jags from a couple years ago.  The Jags trade away Stroud, now i dont want to say he was the reason for their downfall, but he was a major contributor on the team. 

The Broncos have No defensive lineman with 5 technique(what 3-4 d ends play) experience.  I think Thomas can be a solid player, but Clemons and Peterson arent exactly very good.  Peterson played well towards the end of the year, and we have no idea if Crowder can fit in.  If fields is your ideal for play at Nose we will have another .500 or below season.  I dont just go by stats but his stats arent impressive and hes not an overly big body.  At 6'2'' 315 hes not gonna bring teams fear.  And Jon im aware of all the great talent next year, but didnt u hear Dawkins and McDaniels, we want to win now, I want to win now.

Anyways with that aside heres my 2009 Broncos draft:  with no trades, personally i feel if Raji's not there at 12 we have to trade down to around 20


1. 12th pick-Brian Cushing(OLB, USC) Like u Jon, i love his blue-collar look, and great work ethic.  This guy loves the game of football and never stops playing.  Also, We dont know where DJ or Boss Bailey are playing. Usually the weak backer is not a pass rusher, so currently in my eyes the only inside backers we have are Davis, and Larsen, although i do think DJ will play middle.  Anyways, my point is Cushing verastility, this guy is blessed with great speed, strength, and size to play inside or out, and we could use his versatility.  I dont think Raji will be here, but if he is i wouldnt waste a second picking him.

2.  48th pick-Ron Brace(NT, BC) Same story, of course if we take Raji first then i would plan on taking an OLB at this pick, most likely Stintim because Barwin will be off the board.  But Brace is the run stuffer we have all been looking for.  A two down Nose, but i do think Thomas and Peterson are good 3rd down Nose tackles.

3.  76th pick-Jarron Gilbert(DE SJS) at 6'5 290 this guy is an animal, extremely athletic, had 22 TFL this past season, and would be an ideal fit for one of our starters at 5 tech D end.

4.  114th pick-Cecil Newton(OG TSU) like the pick and believe he fits well under thezone blocking/or similar scheme McDaniels is putting in.  Athltetic and strong, i like your pick of Shipley, but i keep reading about his short arms and height, plus i really would love to get Gilbert in round 3 or Moata 1 or the two.

5. 140th pick- Jasper Brinkley(ILB USC) At 250 lbs. this guy still fly's around the field, and plays in great SEC competition.  This pick is very early in round 5 so he should be here, McKillop is also a very good action who have over 130 tackles and over 17 TFL's.  Both i think will be good NFL players.

5.  149th pick- Darcel McBeath(FS TTU) six picks 7 deflections at safety, and has the speed and coverage skills(as proven above) to play some corner, possibly in our quarter packages.

6.  185th pick-Patrick Turner(WR USC) i love his size, especially with the potential absence of Marshall he gives us a big target.  I like Aaron Kelly for one of our fifth rounders, but Brinkley and the fourth-fifth round corner and safety prospects are a step ahead of the late rounders.

7.  225th pick-Antonio Dixon(NT the U) at 6'3 330 whats not to love.

7.  235th pick-Devin Moore(HB Wyoming) the speedy guy has late round talnet and i think he would be a steal here.  I would love a Darren Sproles out of the backfield, plus with 27 reps of 225lbs. hes got strength.


Arite well there it is Jon, i really like this draft a lot, and would like it even better going Raji at 12 and Stintim at 48.

Some FA's id like to look at Chirs Woens and Allen Langford at corner, depth at guard, a kicker, and other talent we feel we cant afford to give a try.

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