Complete stupidity: The Jay Cutler situation

This is Revshawn from other at Cat Scratch Reader, and I'm going to write today about the worst case scenario that has happened with Jay Cutler and Josh McDaniels.

I understand both sides, but I will personally take the side of Jay Culter in this debate. I will do so because I cannot imagine of getting rid of Cutler in the first place. This kind of situation in the NFL is what blows my mind. The way I see it, you need two out of three things to win a Super Bowl.

1. You need a Franchise QB and a strong defense.

2. You need a dominant rushing attack and a strong defense.

This franchise had its QB. It had it. The only thing wrong with Jay Cutler is that he has a big head and he occasionally opens his mouth to say the wrong thing. Like when he said that his arm was stronger than John Elway or whatever, some people took that as a wrong thing.

The point is this: Who cares? The kid produced. He threw for over 4,000 yards in 2008, cut down the sacks he received by half, and he threw 25 touchdown as opposed to 18 INT's in only the 3rd year of his career.

If I'm the head coach of that franchise, I would have said to myself "Thank god I have this guy! This is going to be a guy that can lead my team for the next decade. Good stuff. The offense is under control, now I can concentrate on rebuilding my defense."

Does Josh McDaniels do that? Hell no!

For some odd reason, that genius thought that the best way to improve the team was to tamper with the #2 ranked offense in the country in terms of yards by getting rid of the QB.

What is he thinking?

So the failed trade for Matt Cassel happens. Obviously, Jay Culter is very upset. Now mind you, this is a guy that has done NOTHING to be traded for. The only thing he has done is been a good QB and drove his trade value through the roof.

Let me make this point, and let me drive it again and again. The ONLY thing Josh McDaniels had to do was to go up to Jay Culter, appologize, and tell him something along the lines of this.

"I'm sorry Jay Culter for trying to trade you. You have to understand, in New England I had a special relationship with Matt Cassel. He was a guy I really respected, and as head coach wanted to build a franchise around. Now that he is with another team, I'm not going to try to trade you again. You are the QB of this team for now, for this year, and for the foreseeable future. This job is yours to lose."

That would have ended it. Jay Culter would be back on your side, disaster averted.

Did he do that?  No. He goes on ESPN and he starts spraying this epic crap. Cue the transcript from the ESPN interview.

Scott Hanson: "You see [Cutler] as the quarterback of the Denver Broncos?

McDaniels: Yeah. He's our quarterback.

Hanson: Present tense.

McDaniels: He's our quarterback. Period (laughs).

Hanson: Future tense? He will be your quarterback?

McDaniels: He's our quarterback -- we can't predict the future, you know. He's our quarterback and, you know, we want him to be our quarterback. We made that very clear to him and, um, we hope he feels the same way.

So he won't make a commitment on Jay Cutler. Basically, he's saying to Jay Cutler "You're our QB till I can get rid of you and bring in my own guy." That may or may not be what he is thinking. Who knows. But Jay Cutler is going to think you're saying that, and he's a young guy that wants a coach to believe in him and build a system around him. Trust me, all it would have taken is a sincere apology to Jay Cutler and this would all be over.

Sure you can argue all you want that Jay Cutler should recognize this is a business, but it is precisely because of that fact that you guys should be pissed. There is no possible reason why you guys should be getting rid of Jay Cutler via trades or cuts. Statistically he's a franchise QB, and if you guys look around the league for a moment you will realize that it is a rare thing to have. He has done nothing to lose his job, why the heck was he on the trade block?

Josh McDaniels created this sitation for you. He created it because of his exceptional stupidity and his failure to communicate with his players. He's an offensive coordinator from the Patriots who deserves to stay just that. He has no business coaching a team if he's going to pull stupid moves like this. You think this is going to unify the team locker room with a rookie head coach at the helm?

Hell no.

I know I'm being a bit harsh here, but I can't believe this is happening to you guys. Why the hell someone would seek to improve a #2 offense instead of a #30th ranked defense I'll never understand for the life of me. You guys better hope and pray that the era of Josh McDaniels comes and goes as quick as possible. No good can come of this, I promise you.

God help you all.

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