Tony Sheffler Trade???

Lately there's been a lot of talk about the Broncos trading Tony Scheffler, but as they say in reporting, are there any legs to this story?

The Scheffler on the trading block rumor seems to have begun with a story by Denver Post writer Mike Klis on March 3. In an article on the Cutler trade situation he writes:

"An NFL source said Scheffler's name also has come up in trade discussions."

What does that mean, his name has come up in trade discussions? Does that mean the Broncos are actively trying to trade him? Does it mean other teams have approached the Broncos about trading him? Does it mean two guys in the mens room at NFL HQ were discussing possible trades for their fantasy teams? Klis goes on:

"What has Cook (Bus Cook Scheffler and Cutler's agent) heard about the possibility of Scheffler being on the block? `Not much, other than all players are subject to being talked about in a trade, I guess,' Cook said. `If Jay Cutler can get traded, anybody can.'"

Well that's enlightening (not!)

Klis added to this rumor in an article on Tuesday, March 4.

"The Broncos have been shopping Tony Scheffler. Scheffler, 26, is considered one of the NFL's best receivers at tight end — his average of 16.1 yards per catch led all players at his position with at least 40 receptions last year.


However, there is concern Scheffler might not fit in the New England offensive system that new coach Josh McDaniels has brought with him to Denver."

Now we don't even get the "NFL source" it just seems to be based on speculation about what kind of system McD will run next year. Klis continues on Wednesday, March 5:

"The Broncos also have nine picks in the April 25-26 draft, and they have been trying to trade Tony Scheffler, whose "receiving" tight end position gives way to a third receiver in the "New England" offensive system McDaniels is installing."

Again, no more information other than now he knows that Scheffler doesn't fit in the offensive systems that he knows McD is installing. In the meantime, while RotoWorld repeated the Post story, no one in the national sports media seems to be picking up this story. Today Klis's compatriot at the Post adds:

"Cutler's best friend on the team, tight end Tony Scheffler, is on the trading block."

Wow, that's a lot of certainty. Hope those guys in the mens room were correct.

Today Sayre Bedinger, who also posts here sometimes, posted this on Bleacher Report:

"While a rumor was invented via that the Browns could potentially become trade partners with the Jay Cutler fiasco, another trade rumor could surface in the coming weeks or months involving these two teams.

It has been speculated that the Broncos are shopping tight end Tony Scheffler, who has been a backup in Denver since the signing of Daniel Graham. 

The Broncos only have two tight ends as it stands right now, but there is talk of converting running back Peyton Hillis back to his normal fullback/h-back position which would leave Scheffler the odd-man out. 

Undoubtedly, the Broncos couldfind a spot on the field for Scheffler, but there is nothing wrong with speculating on trade rumors at this point in the season."

For my money Sayre seems to have captured the essence of this story. In the absence of any news, the reporters seem to be making up news. What do they have to lose with their speculation. If he is traded they have a scoop; if not they can always say they only said there was talk of a trade.

I'm sure that if another team approached the Broncos with the right offer they would consider trading Scheffler. But that's true of about half the players on the Broncos, anyone with one year left on the contract. But let's not get too worked up over these rumors until some reputable sources start giving us some tangible facts.




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