1. NEVER PASS UP A PROBABLE TEN TO TWELVE YEAR STARTER!  To see what I am talking about refer to point #4.  (:

2. There are some mock drafts that actually have Michael Crabtree falling out of the top ten.  I know there is a 5% chance, or less, of Crabtree falling to us.  My question, is there anyone here who would not take Crabtree with #12?  How on earth can you justify it?  

3.  A lot of the "experts" consider this draft very deep at TE, WR, G, C and LB.  The draft is relatively weak at QB, RB, DL, and DB.  Our draft should reflect these strengths and weaknesses.  For example, let's assume the top players in the draft have five stars and the worst have one star.  If I were a coach, the end-game of the draft would be to walk away with as many stars as possible.  

Does it make sense to draft a three-star defensive player when a five-star offensive player is on the board?  No.  As I have said lately, we should not always be about best player available, because sometimes it doesn't make sense. However, given the dynamics of the Cutler trade, we should be stockpiling VALUE.  

I would love to take Tyson Jackson because he is deemed to have value, not because he fills a need.  If he is rated four to five stars, let's take him.  If he is three stars, lets pass and see if we could get him at #18 or just take someone else.  

4. I believe the proper proportion for our draft, especially in light of the Cutler trade, should be 60% defense and 40% offense.  Out of our first five picks, I hope two are offense and three are defense.  

Here is my example of a balanced draft with the first five:

#1A - Tyson Jackson DT

#1B - Rey Maualuga LB

#2 - Eric Wood C

#3A - Fili Moala DT

#3B - Ramses Barden WR

This has three defensive players and two offensive players.  Top to bottom, a draft like this gives us the closest to 25 stars (for 5 players) as we will get.  These players are not set in stone for me, just an example.  

Here is the deal, taking an offensive lineman, like a guard or a center is definitely not sexy.  However, it is the best thing for our team now and for the future.  Eric Wood, Alex Mack, Max Unger, Duke Robinson are part of an extremely deep interior linemen class.  Many of these names will be available with our second rounder.  By most accounts, guys like Wood, Mack, and Unger will be 10 to 12 year starters and potentially pro-bowlers.  Drafting a ten to twelve year starter puts us in a position to have better future drafts.  We won't have to address the position for another decade at least!

Take what each draft gives you.  In this draft, take LB, G, C, DT and WR, even though this doesn't perfectly line up with our needs.  The 2010 draft, by many accounts, appears to be deep at NT and DB.  Maybe we will be able to blow our wad on a couple of DB's and NT's, if their value permits it.  

5. Here is a side question.  Does anyone know which free agents will be available in the 2010 off-season that we would like?

6. I would like to see other examples of balanced value drafts just to get an idea of what people are thinking.  Please chime in.  

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