I have been reading posts at MHR for quite some time and have enjoyed just about every post that I have read. I especially love the vast amount of information presented by very talented people. We bronco fans are indeed blessed to have such a site as ours. I love the different characters who post, some impish, some serious, and some comical. They all paint a character picture that only a vivid imagination can frame. You people are awesome, keep up the good work!!!

As you all can probably tell, this is my first post and will try to hold this to a minimum. I have some questions that I would like all of you to consider answering. Since I'm no football guru, I have questions about our Defensive Ends and how they will fit in the new 'system' (3-4), or a high-brid of both 3-4 and 4-3 systems.

We currently have four defensive ends listed on the roster, but maybe 3 if Dumervil is moving the OLB position.

1) Tim Crowder- 6'4" 275lbs, age 23, college, Texas.

2) Jarvis Moss- 6'6" 265lbs, age 24, Florida.

3) Ryan McBean- 6'5" 290lbs, age 24, Oklahoma State.

4) Elvis Dumervil- 5'11" 260lbs, age 25, Louisville.

Crowder hasn't got to play much, Moss had a broken fibula and didn't get a good start. McBean was aquired from Pittsburg where he was on the practice squad. And Elvis, well, we all know what he can do. My questions are: 1) How will each fit into coach Nolan's defensive scheme. 2) All I've been hearing about Moss is that he's a bust. He was our 1st rd pick (#17) 2007. Does everyone have that feeling about him? Or will he start to 'step-up-to-the-pump' this year. 3) Will Elvis play DE or be assigned OLB, and if the later, will he play well back peddling? 4) Will the DE's play most of the time in the down position (hand on ground), or in the up-right position? 5) Since all these players are relatively young (with Elvis being the old man at 25) we should get a few more years out of these players, right? Why is everyone so high on Tyson Jackson, since Moss was chosen in first rd and hasn't produced or proven himself yet? 8) Who would be the next best pick in the draft besides Jackson? 9) Overall, how do you all feel the defense will do this year, as compared to last year?

PS- I didn't forget #7....He's in the 'HALL'. Thanks all,and I'll just sit back and learn.


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