Nostradamus's Mock Draft

Recently found in a cave in southern france on vellum.

As dawn arises on a new era,    

The army of the mountain city finds a new hero;              

To anchor the end against the run,         

And foretell of the coming of the new dynasty.


1 - 12     Tyson Jackson   DE           LSU       


Weep San Diego, weep Kansas City and Oakland,            

The warrior king on his chariot; 

Rides in to collapse the pocket,

And sack the quarterback.


1 - 18     Aaron Maybin   OLB        Penn State         


The false prophets from the desert city by the sea,        

Will boo their fool quarterback;

As Phillip Rivers throws another interception,    

To the duck turned Bronco.


2 - 48     Patrick Chung    SS           Oregon


The depths of the city's defense shall be improved,       

On passing downs;         

As even the Champ       

Needs a blow once in a while.


3 - 79     Mike Mickens    CB           Cincinnati           


By night the old Prince ran in shame,     

Leaving the mountain city in despair,     

But a new Prince shall arise to make them say,  

"Jay Cutler who?"


3 - 84     Pat White            QB          WVU    


When the Barbarian running backs ride,               

Through the open middle plain so familiar;          

They shall find a mountain has arisen to block their path,             

And hold them to a short gain.


4 - 114   Terrence Taylor                DT           Michigan             


A tall cougar from the west,       

Explodes from its break;              

Leaving the hapless cornerback,              

In its dust.


5 - 149   Brandon Gibson               WR         Washington State           


Lightning in a bottle with 4.36 speed,     

Drives down the 287 to the Valley of the Dove; 

Pick up your jock on the way to the bench,         

Shawn Merriman.


6 - 185   Devin Moore     RB           Wyoming            


If the mountain falter, or the mountain tires,     

You need to bring in another mountain off the bench;  

So as the sun sets on the second day,   

Denver drafts another mountain.


7 - 225   Darryl Richard    DT           Georgia Tech    


In the second pick of the seventh round,             

Beggars can't be choosers;         

Hope the best player available,

Can make the team.


7 - 235   Antoine Caldwell              OC          Alabama             


This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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