Defensive Line

Ive been reading just about eveyone's mock draft so far, and i have to say most of them i completely disagree with. 

I know Raji might not be available at 12, and there are no nose tackles of value until round 2 with Ron Brace.  If Brace is there at 48 and we didnt eg tRaji we have to pull the trigger.  I think some of you are missing the understanding of how we should build a great defense.  Here are the top 10 defenses in rush yards allowed last year:(yes next to playoff status means top ten in points allowed)(d tackles or nose tackle next to yes or no)

1.  Minnesota-playoffs-yes-Williams Bros

2.  Steelers-playoffs-yes-Casey Hampton

3.  Ravens-playoffs-yes-Ngata and Gregg

4.  Philly-playoffs-yes-Patterson, Bunley

5.  Bears-no playoffs, Tommie Harris

6.  Titans-playoffs, Haynesworth, Tony Brown

7.  Jets-no playoffs-Kris Jenkins

8.  Skins-no playoffs-yes-Cornelius Griffen, Montgomery

9.  Giants-playoffs-yes-Fred Robbins, Barry Cofield

10.  Fins-playoffs-yes-Jason Ferguson

7 playoff teams, 2 that missed by 1 gmaes, and a decent skins team.  Stopping the run wins games.  And 7 of those top ten teams in rush yards allowed were also top ten in points allowed.    Besides the skins and fins thas a pretty elite group of d tackles as well, and im not even listing defensive ends.  My point is the importance of having a two-gap stopper in especially as a nose tackle in the 3-4.  Gettin Maualuga and Maybin will be ok.  But they will be not living up to their potential w/o good big men up front.  Plus we have pretty solid OLB's anyways, DJ, Doom, Moss, Woodyard.  Our only nose is Ronald Fields.  Thomas can play nose in passing situatuions but man i dont think i can stress enough the importance of a Nose tackle in the 3-4.

So with that being said, heres my mock draft:

12.  Bj Raji-NT

18.  Tyson Jackson-DE

48.  Louis Delmas-FS

79.  Scott McKillop-ILB

84.  Cedric Peermen-HB

114. Lawrence Sidbury-OLB

140. A.Q Shipley-C

185.  Graham Harrell-QB

225. Patrick Turner-WR

240.  Bradley Fletcher-CB

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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