32 Pick Mock draft + Bronco Mock

1st Round

1DET Matt Stafford - Not the Biggest Fan of him but they do need a face of the Franchise

2STL Jason Smith - I haven't head anything bad about him other than he went to Baylor and he really impressed at the combine.

3KAN Brian Orakpo - There biggest need is at Rush LB not and as much as I love Curry he is a SAM linebacker who is very versatile. Like the other guy Derrick Johnson

4SEA Aaron Curry - Not another Boz and could provide a spark to turn them around

5CLE Michael Crabtree - Probably the Best player on the board and would make Edwards expendable later in the draft.

6CIN Eugene Monroe - They need some in there to Protect the QBs blindside

7OAK Andre Smith - What do you mean Al Davis cares nothing for character? Plus Darth Cable is a Oline guy.

8JAG Jeremy Maclin - Surprise! Why go with a QB there biggest need is at WR where i`m pretty sure they have no one

9GB Everette Brown - They completely lack a JACK LB I think Brown could be there guy.

10(Trade) NYJ - Sanchez - I think this is the first trade of the draft the Jets move up to grab Sanchez cause San Fran was looking to move back.

11BUF Brian Cushings - They had a lot of problems with there LB unit last year and need someone to play OLB

12DEN B.J. Raji - probably won`t happen but you never know. I don`t think Denver would hesitate to grab him.

13WAS Michael Oher -  They grab a guy who can play start at both T and G from day one and move into OT position later on.

14NO Mike Jenkins - He`s left wondering what took them so long but will play terrific from day one

15HOU Clay Mattews - I was thinking DE Jackson just to see QBs between him and Mario but they need help at the OLB position and the guys uncle works for the organization.

16SD Knowshon Moreno - Doesn`t make all that much sense until you find out about A.J. Smith secret plan was to restructure LT`s deal and then trade him away. Moohahah!

17(Trade)SF Percy Harvin - Not rated that high but will fit well into Singletary`s plan of running the Football

18DEN Tyson Jackson - At this point we have completely rebuilt our front 3 which is what we were all hoping for all along

19TB Darius Heyward-Bey - Tough team to pick for because lots of holes, lots of questions, not a lot of pick to move around so they get some to throw the pigskin to

20DET Vontea Davis - They really need some help with the CB position and a OT came come at 33

21PHI Hakem Nicks - OT can come at 28 but they need a good possesion WR and haven`t had one since TO

22MIN Brandon Pettigrew - Not really a need but probably the best player on their board and might buy the QB an extra second.

23NE Darius Butler - fits into their system perfectly

24ATL Jerry Peria - They need help at the DT position and Peria is thier best bet

25MIA Aaron Maybin - Joey Porter is good at what he does and can teach baby face a thing or two

26BAL James Laurinatis - Ray Lewis is not going to be around forever but while he is give him a partner in crime (no pun)

27IND Evander Hood - The need somone here

28PHI Eben Britton - OT has been a big need all along

29(Trade) CLE - Beanie Wells - Browns give up Edwards for Lewis`s replacement

30TEN Robert Ayers - Jevon Kearse needs and upgrade

31ARI Rey Maualuga - I think he slids for immaturity but Arizona can slot him in at ILB and keep on chugging

32PIT Max Unger - He can play C and G and the Steelers need help there.

Denver 7 Rounds

1a. NT B.J. Raji

1b. DE Tyson Jackson - If we can get to this point I think we have rebuilt our DL

2. OLB Larry English - Can compete for the SAM LB position

3a. RB Rashad Jennings - Trust in Turner to make him an All-Star

3b. ILB Jasper Brinkley - Probably to high for him but he is a sleeper because of his injury which his workouts show he has come back from. With Andre Davis`s help he will be scary to play across from

4. CB Tren Morgan - We need more than just Bell and Williams competeing for the nickle and dime job

5. FS David Burton - We need some back up FS help and player for Dawkins to pass on his knowledge to

6. QB Drew Willy - I think this guy will surprise a lot of people with everything he can do, hey he put Buffalo U on the map

7a. C Jon Cooper - might be draft fodder might be the next Nalen

7b. NT Vaugh Martin - from a school I almost went to, too bad SMU (St. Mary`s is better)

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