Steve O's Official Contest(s) Mock

1. Lions - Jason Smith - I think they already gave him the pen

2. Rams - Eugene Monroe - The Rams are torn, Oher's a better run blocker, Monroe a better pass blocker? They go with the better feet.

3. KC Chiefs -Aaron Curry - Could be the next big thing at LB.

4. Seattle Seahawks - QB Mark Sanchez - Everybody loves Mark, apparently.

5. *TRADE*- Washington Redskins - Matt Stafford - That Snyder is one balls to the wall owner, another big gamble.

6. Bengals - BJ Raji - this should be a match made in heaven.

7. Oakland - M. Crabtree-  After all the failed receiver experiments, Crabtree goes to the Black Hole.

8. Jax Jaguars - Malcolm Jenkins - The Jags take the best defensive player on the board.

9. Green Bay - Brian Orakpo - Edge rusher who looks like a fine young player

10. San Fran - Aaron Maybin - major reach in my opinion, but goes to show that a good pro day can make you millions.

11. Buffalo - Michael Oher - Peters is an Eagle and the Bills will go defense later in the draft. Oher is too good to pass up here.

12. Denver Broncos - Knowshon Moreno - He will be an instant ray of sunshine for a team that has been under a little cloud with all the changes. Much like Floyd Little did many years ago, he will create a buzz, an excitement from the fans and will add an identity to the new regime of the Denver Broncos.

13. Cleveland Browns- Chris Wells - The Browns covet Wells and move back and still grab him. Good play.

14. New Orleans - Vontae Davis - The Saints need corner help and Davis is the best on the board at this point.

15. Houston Texans -Brian Cushing -  Houston is kind of stuck here, they want a RB but both were just snatched up, they want a Safety but none are worthy, they go with Cushing who will help out the defense.

16. San Diego - Tyson Jackson - SD is happy to get their man at 16. Tyson will replace Igor Olshansky, that sounds fun, replacing a guy a named Igor..."oh I heard you got Igor's job"....

17. NY Jets - Josh Freeman - The Jets made the calls but never traded up... they will be pleased with Freeman in the long run, maybe.

18. *TRADE* Carolina Panthers - Everette Brown - The Panthers acquire the 18th pick from Denver in exchange for Julius Peppers. Peppers needs to sign that tender then come on out to Denver!

19. Tampa Bay - Jeremy Maclin - The Bucs need some speed on the outside and Maclin is one of the difference makers in this draft. He adds value to the return game as well.

20. Detroit - Rey Maulaluga - The Lions need help everywhere, Rey will add some fire and spark where it is much needed

21. Eagles - Donald Brown - The Birds traded 28 away for Peters now they grab the best RB on the board.

22. Minnesota - Darius Butler - The Corner from UConn will try to give the Vikes some needed secondary help. Back to back Huskies in the first round and not a one Hurricane? What has the world come to?

23. NE Pats - Clay Matthews Jr. - match made in heaven.

24. Atlanta - Brandon Pettigrew - The Dirty Birds need an nice, down the middle option to fully open up what should be a good offense next year.

25. Miami Dolphins - Darrius Heyward-Bey - The Dolphins need a receiver and DHB can burn!

26. Baltimore Ravens - Kenny Britt - They take the WR from just up the road in New Jersey.

27. Colts - Robert Ayers - I am sure the ownership trusts Tennessee products at this point

28. Buffalo Bills - James Laurinitis - The Bills need help at the LB position, now they have a couple of Buckeyes!

29. NY Giants - Peria Jerry - The Giants know what won them a ring and they will keep it fully stocked.

30. Tennessee Titans - Asher Allen - Somehow he snuck into the first round. Thank Puffin' Percy Harvin for that one.

31. Arizona Cardinals - Victor Harris - The Cards wanted a running back but end up taking the best Corner left on the board.

32. Pittsburgh - Alex Mack - They need a Center and now they have one.


Denver's final Haul...

Round 1 - Knowshon Moreno - RB

Round 1 - TRADE to acquire Julius Peppers - DE/LB

Round 2 - Ron Brace DT

Round 3a - Jonathan Luigs - C

Round 3b - Rashad Johnson FS

Round 4 - Scott McKillop LB

Round 5 - Sammy Lee Hill DT

Round 6 - Quan Cosby WR

Round 7 - Nathan Brown QB



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