Bowlen has to take some blame for McJaygate

One more time, Pat Bowlen. You sure you don't want to hire a general manager before you hire a coach?

Bowlen was asked that question at a news conference several weeks ago. His answer? No, it's all good in the personnel department. Jim Goodman was going to handle those decisions and Josh McDaniels was going to coach the team.

All righty then.

Bowlen is one of the few NFL owners left who empowers his head coach to make all the decisions regarding football operations. You wonder, if Bowlen had adopted the GM-first method, whether the Broncos would be in the mess in which they find themselves today.

It's called checks and balances. If the Broncos had had a GM in place before hiring McDaniels, it's doubtful that J-Mac would have been allowed to float Jay Cutler's name on the trade market.

Instead, Bowlen hired McDaniels and essentially gave him a blank check. We can't be sure, of course, but it's looking more and more like McDaniels wanted to make a run at Matt Cassel all along.

Word out of Dove Valley is that Bowlen didn't know about the Cutler trade talks, that he found out just before the rest of the world did. It was a McDaniels-Brian Xanders call from the get-go.

We're left to wonder if Bowlen, who had called Cutler "the man around here" just a few weeks earlier, was upset upon hearing that his Pro Bowl quarterback was being shopped. But there's no doubt about this part of the story: Bowlen was downright angry about how Cutler handled it.

This notion that Bowlen has been in Cutler's corner in recent weeks? Not a chance. McDaniels wanted to work things out. It was Bowlen who was growing more frustrated by the day.

It's no coincidence that Bowlen was doing the talking in Tuesday's press release, the one that said the Broncos would be dumping Cutler. But if he's looking for someone to blame, he might want to start with himself. From Denver Post

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