Comment from 1 of the Haters

Call me the #1 hater because I resoundingly stand against management over the actions of the last 90 days.


I also have been reading a lot about this trade in cyberspace, in between listening to the “experts” on NFLN and ESPN and I am schocked at the lack of outrage that exists about the “franchise” quarterback being traded and a Hall of Fame coach being cut loose.

Being a 30 year fan and proud to be born and raised in Colorado I am ashamed of the managment over the last 4 months. It is with disbelief and anguish I am even writing this.

I currently reside in So. Cal and was able to see the final game of the season against the Charger fags. If you would have told me this is the last time I would see Jay and Shanny on the Broncos sideline I would have called you a lunatic.

That game was horrible but it was obvious to almost everyone in the stadium the only chance of winning the Broncos had was on the arm of #6. At halftime my Charger friend next to me told me how this was over. When the Broncos took the field in the 3rd qtr Jay played like there was no quit in him. He left everything on the field that day. I was struck by that feeling as I was leaving the stadium (wearing a #6 Jersey) while getting Jeerred all the way to my car that although the Broncos faltered down the final stretch of the season how poised we were to have a championship team with 3 to 4 quality defensive starters.

Now I look at how and what has transpired in little over 3 months from that game and realize I don’t recognize this team or this “my way or the highway” approach. As I look around my office at the 30 years of memorabilia from bronco teams past I realize that the last 10 years have not been kind to the team, but I have not felt the animosity against the team for the choices they made, as I do today.

I have posted on other post that we are in the dreaded “rebuilding year” but I think this goes deeper than that. Few teams today know loyalty or exhibit loyalty with one glaring exception, the Broncos. I take and have taken LOADS of Crap for being a Bronco fan in So. Cal but always held my head high and out screamed those faggy Charger and Fader fans but the enthusiasium is gone now.

Call me a hater but I expect far more from management than I do from the players when it comes leadership. Leaders lead from the front not reactively, as any Marine will tell you. Management did a lot of finger pointing and “publicly” made statements of support but showed no action to bring Cutler back into the fold. I fully expected that the owner would at least make 1 trip to see Jay and talk through this before trading him. Bowlen got miffed because his text or message was not immediately returned and dealt him.

No loyalty to the player, no loyalty to the fans.

Please tell me how all of you thought Jay was the problem in your comments and how it is time to take down the Jerseys, Ring of Fame footballs, the team photo from 1978 featuring Craig Morton and the "Orange Crush". Tell me how McDumbass is the next great young coach and deserves undying support for mistakes he has made because......... he might be rigt years from now.

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