Bronc's 7-round mock

New guy here.  Been lurking around, soaking up the wit and wisdom of all you old hands, but with the draft right around the corner, thought it was time to chime in.

I used the DraftTek simulator, but changed the inputs to match what I think HC McD needs to do.  Left all the other teams' inputs the same, and took what simulator gave me as the remaining guys on the board at each point the Broncos pick.  I don't completely buy Drafttek's "big board" so did a little juggling. 

Anyway, here's what I came up with:

#12 - Tyson Jackson, DE34, LSU.  In my opinion, this position and NT are the 2 biggest holes to fill in the switch to 3-4.  Raji's gone by the time we get to pick, so I will take the best DE34 in the draft.  Maybe could wait, but don't think he makes it past SD at #16, and the fall off in talent at the position is too great to risk it.

#18 - Knowshon Moreno, RB, Georgia.  Thought about ILB, but Rey went at #13 to the Skins, and I am just not sold on Laurinaitis this high.  I promised myself I wasn't even going to look at offense until the 4th round, but here he sits and I couldn't bring myself to say, "No, son."

#48 - Patrick Chung, SS, Oregon.  Was hoping Ron Brace might fall to us here, but the simulator has him gone to NE just ahead of this pick.  Also hoped Sean Smith might fall, but Cleveland snapped him up early in the 2nd.  Looked long and hard at Louis Delmas for this pick, but think Chung has more upside, especially with a couple of year's tutelage from Dawkins.

#79 - Kevin Barnes, CB, Maryland.  Because i get stuck watching a lot of ACC ball, maybe this a little bit of a homer pick.  But I gotta say this guy reminds me of Darrent Williams in the way he transitions off the line, breaks on the ball and unloads on the ball carrier.  Other CBs still available here include Macho Harris and Mike Mickens, both of whom some boards have ranked higher.  Assuming his shoulder is fine, I just think Barnes has a better chance to elevate his game.

#84 - Jasper Brinkley, ILB, South Carolina.  At 6'2", 260lbs, here is a protoype ILB for the 3-4 defense.  Not sure that he has the coverage skill to be a three-down backer, but we need some more beef up the middle to stuff the run.  Also looked at Gerald McRath here, but like Brinkley's size and strength.

#114 - Terrance Taylor, DT34, Michigan.  Planned to take Stephen McGee here, who could turn out to be the best QB in the draft, but the Niners got him a few picks earlier.  So I will stay on the defensive side of the ball and keep piling up beef in the middle.  Hoped Sammie Lee Hill might still be around at this point in the draft, but the simulator says he is gone too.  Taylor is a pure 3-4 NT prospect that can take on and eat up double teams, and can help collapse the pocket.  Some question about his motor, but if Nolan can keep him wound up, he could be a stud.

#149 - Rhett Bomar, QB, Sam Houston.  Nice-sized signal caller with an NFL gun for an arm.  Has a quick release, ability to read progressions and can put touch on the throws when necessary.  Sloppy mechanics can lead to inconsistency, but give McD a year or two with Bomar on the practice squad, and see what he can do.

#185 - Johnny Knox, WR, Abilene Chrisitan.  So OK this guy is probably at best a 3 or 4 receiver.  But he is speed merchant (4.29 40) with an elusive running style in the open field.  And given his combine performance, he may not last until the 6th. But if he slides this far, Knox would perfect for PR duties.  Can anyone say Devin Hester?  Other WRs of the same ilk still on the board and worth a look at this point: Deon Butler, Tiquan Underwood and Sammie Stroughter.

#225 - Pierre Walter, OLB34, Eastern Illinois.  Small school DE that could easily make the transition to OLB in a 3-4 defense.  Fast speed off the edge, slides down the line of scrimmage to defend the run, or he can drop off the line and play in space.  May take a year or 2, but after minicamp I'm thinking we might be OK at OLB for now.  Write down the name - Walter is gonna be a force in the NFL.

#235 - Bear Pascoe, TE, Fresno State.  Solid pass-catching tight end with the size to create serious mismatches in the secondary.  Needs to work on blocking skills, but Graham can help there.

Of course, the later rounds are a crap shoot as to who will really be on the board.  I really wanted an O-lineman at some point, just couldn't find the value.  But unless DraftTek is just completely full of it, there is still a fair amount of mid-level O-line talent in the CFA market.

So what do you think?  Remeber I'm a newbie, so be gentle.

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