Potential #3 QB

It seems likely to me that Denver would be looking to draft a QB this year so that they can develop him and make him a potential starter. I sure some of the people are of they idea that we should go right out a get replacement for our fabled alcoholic diabetic. I think this season will tell us what we have with Orton and Simms and free up draft picks that would be going to a first day QB and spend them on DEFENSE. We have two guys that have been starting QBs in the NFL and have played reasonably well with inferior talent. Personally I think we go after a late second day QB that can learn and develop in our offense. Both of our QB specialists McDaniels and McCoy have had great success with players that on other teams might be considered camp arms. Here are some of the players that I think Denver might take come Sunday:


Players I like:

Drew Willy - Buffalo - Of all the QBs besides the top three he would be my favourite for Denver to take. I have had trouble finding a good draft profile of him but from what I can tell his strengths are his intangibles when it comes to winning he is great in the clutch and help ed Turner Gill gain national recognition. Willy is a leader on the feild and very confident. I think his weakness is that he really lacks a professional touch and needs to bulk up because he has a thin frame. He has very good accuracy and average to above average arm strength. After looking into him he seemed to me like a pre-Superbowl Tom Brady and I would really like to see if he can take his game to the next level. I e-mailed STYG and he said that he would be looking into him.

Rhett Bomar - SHS - If he drops to the 5th round which I doubt that he will it would be worth it for Denver to take him. I've never heard of him wowing anyone outside of his big arm and he played against inferior talent. I really doubt that he is the next Joe Flacco.

Nate Davis - Ball State - I was really high on this guy until I found out about his small hands and learning disability. He doesn't use the lace because his fingers are too big but I'm not sure if he will be able to hold onto the ball. Defenses would be going for the strip instead of the sack and I wonder how will he play in bad weather? Also his disability scares me, in that McDaniels will be wanting a QB that is quick to pick up the material. I you get a chance check out his performance in the skills competition cause he is a terrific passer in perfect conditions.

John Parker Wilson - Bama - Why can't we call him John Wilson? Is it something like we can't call Samuel L. Jackson, Sam Jackson? Anyway I'm not really sold on him but I think I would like to give him a chance to develop and I think that you could get him cheap.

Player that other MHRers have suggest but I don't like:

Stephen McGee - Texas A&M - came out of left feild cause he ran a good 40 but has never developed into a great passer. I really question this guys draft stock.

Cantwell Hunter - Louisville - Couldn't really fill Bhrom's shoes and Bhrom has not been that successful.

Cullen Harper - Clemson was suppose to have this great offense but they choked (sorry tiger fans). I'm just not a big fan of a QB with lots of talent around him that underperforms. The O-line can only take so much blame

Hoyer and Painter - From what I recall people were expecting big things from these two guys and I really didn't hear all that many good thing about them. Painter specifically choked as the season progressed

Mike Reilly & Graham Harrell - between the two I like Harrell more cause at least he played at a BCS level. The problem with both of them is not that they played in a spread it's that they have no arm strength. At the Senior bowl Harrell's tosses hit WR's feet.

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