Running back to watch out for - Bernard Scott

I came across some good film study of a running back that caught my attention. Bernard Scott (5-10, 220)  attended the Division II school, Abiline Christian University.  Bernard was the 2008 Harlon Hill Trophy winner, given to the most outstanding Division II player.  After watching that video (posted below) I did a little research and found a couple of scouting reports all lumped together and thought I would share them with you.

This was found in

Bernard Scott Scouting Report by Brandon Tripp

Pros: Scott is a RB who can pound you up the middle, burn you on the outside, or catch out of the back field. Defenses planned to stop Scott and he still averaged over 140 yds a game his senior season. He has dominated the RB position in DII for the past two years while at Abilene Christian. Deceptively fast for his size and deceptively strong for his size as well. Could have been a DI prospect if not for his past.

Cons: Not a great blocker or great at picking up blitzes. Level of competition is not great at the DII level. But in a game against West Texas A&M, home to draft prospect Brett Swain who is expected to be a top 4 round pick, he rushed for well almost 300 yds and had 350+ all purpose yards. His age raises alarms which leads you to his past which raises even more alarms. He has straightened out at ACU (his last college stop) and has remained out of trouble for around two years.

Overall: B+. If he can convince teams that he has overcome his past and has a good combine I could see him as a first day pick.

Bernard Scott Scouting Report by deforest matthews

Pros: This player has dominated at every level from pop warner to college. He has athletic abilities very seldom seen in a human being (freak). This player has broken most of the RB records in Div.II this year. Probably the most under rated RB in the draft. 2007 runner up for Harlon Hill, this year its his.

Cons: This player has played for four different colleges. So i expect his age will be a red flag for some teams

Overall: Outstanding player, he has Devon Hester break away and Barry Sanders stop and go.

Bernard Scott Scouting Report by Termayne Willie

Pros: Very elusive back with good power and adequate speed and great hands out of the backfeild. Great vision and the ability to set up his blocks and take it the distance at any moment.

Cons: Size may be a factor at the next level and will have to prove himself worthy at the top level coming from NCAA Div. II school.

Overall: Overall grade B+, with a impressive workout at the combine, he is

Josh Buchanan's Division II Scouting Notes:

RB Bernard Scott, Abilene Christian ~ 5'11, 197, 4.55 - Downhill runner that needs to work on his blocking; will turn 25 next February; former Blinn JC transfer ran for 2,165 yards and 35 TDs in '07.

ITL: Player report: You could argue that the hottest running back in college football is Darryl Richardson's son, Abilene Christian OH Bernard Scott. Of course, he's also one of the best-kept secrets in the game given his Division II pedigree, despite the fact he's leading an undefeated squad's high-flying offense while regularly rushing for 200 yards per game. Richardson talked about the agent selection process, why he's particular about where (geographically) his son will train, and why he's not worried about one man holding agent and financial adviser duties in today's

It's apparent  Scott has dealt with some legal troubles and played for four different colleges. Here is what he said when asked about that issue.

"Some people might hold it against me or whatever," he said. "But it made me a better person, because I've learned from my mistakes."

If Bernard Scott really has learned from his mistakes and works hard, he has the talent and skills to do well and might be worth a selection in the 2009 draft.

Before you go, take a look at film breakdown and scouting report, provided by, via youtube (the clarity is better). Here is the link to and their RB film breakdowns, they do a good job and is worth a look if you have never visited their site.

Go Broncos!

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