NB3456's official Broncos mock draft

Hi everyone! this is my first ever post on MHR! Been a Broncos fan forever and it seems like the only one in GA. My fellow GA folks don't take too kindly to Blue and Orange of any variety (as well they should, considering Hogtown isn't a great place). Here's my mock draft!

12, Everette Brown DE FSU - He's been falling down a lot of boards for some reason. I put him up there with Jackson and Orakpo. Brown has been a monster DE for the traditionally strong FSU D. The Broncos need to stop the flow of FU players coming in since most of them suck in the Pros. When was the last time we had a FSU player on the roster? Danny Kannell?

Other Choices 12: I'd take Orakpo here but him falling to 12 would be a miracle. Another choice was BJ Raji but don't see him falling, either.

18. Rey Maualuga LB USC - He's a great fit for our new 3-4 system and it keeps DJ at a more natural OLB position. I see him as Al Wilson's replacement. The good thing about the 3-4 is you need a ton of LBs and we have plenty of those so RM can sit for a bit and learn. The only real threat to RM not going to us would be San Diego so they need to fall in love with K Moreno or something.

Other Choices 18: Cushing, Jerry, and Jenkins

48. Fili Moala DT USC - Back to Back picks of USC D here. I like Moala because the other first rounders off that defense have to credit him for getting them the press and some money. Moala over Brace here since Brace's back injury scares me a bit. Haloti Ngata is a cousin so some of that talent had to rub off on Moala, right?

Other Choices 48: Chung, Sean Smith, Brace

79. Victor Harris CB/S Va Tech - He was a good performer for the Hokies D. Harris can be used for both CB and S, and some Return duties (Eddie R needs a break from this, since he'll have to step up @ WR). This pick builds depth in the Secondary as we have none, yes Dawkins and Hill are good signings, but there's hardly anything behind them.

Other Choices: Francies (too many red flags), Mickens.

84. Cary Harris DB USC - Another Harris joins the Broncos' Secondary, this time from SC. Soild and consistent player from the Trojans despite all the "names" on that D. Also an utility DB for us to move around. He'd be a steal at this point, imo.

OC: Jasper Brinkley

114. Henry Melton DE Texas - You can never have too many D-Linemen these days. Almost a steal here. 

OC: Herman Johnson, Kraig Urbik

149: Antone Smith RB FSU - Yes I know we signed 50 RBs and get the 7 lost ones last year back but Smith is a good choice at 149. AS didn't do much the first 3 years at FSU but that was due to the Jeff Bowden era as OC and transition period to Jimbo Fisher. Rick Trickett coached OL helped out and He had a great pro day...tearing up the track.

OC: Asher Allen, Derek Pegues, TJ Lang

185. Graham Gano K/P FSU - The Broncos learned last year what the Falcons learned the hard way earlier about Matt Prater. Gano is a stud K and P. He has a very good leg, only missing once from 50+. for his P abilities, just check out first half of Champs Sports Bowl (nailed 3 punts inside the 3, once half inch away from the line, Tiger woods with a wedge). Imagine the possiblities with his leg and mile high.

225. Quan Crosby WR Texas - Brandon Marshall is in a ton of trouble with the Commish so yea, Crosby fills a need with nothing much behind Stokely. Next in line of good UT WRs after Limas Sweed, let's hope Crosby doesn't get the dropsies of Sweed along with that. the pick credit goes to

OC: Roy Miller, Alex Boone, George Hypolite

235: Johnathan Luigs C Arkansas- Screams late round developmental OL prospect pick under former Shanahan regime. Wiegmann is getting old too. slipped on his college choice, was thinking of Johnathan Casillas for some reason





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