I wouldn't be shocked, Sanchez in round 1

While there is little doubt that what Denver needs more than anything at this point is help on the Defense (RAJI, Jackson, etc...) I wouldn't be shocked if HCMcD goes the other way here is why:

After you read Sanchez's Overview and analysis at this website

He sounds like the second coming of Tom Brady, his only knock is his so called "lack of experience" but when you read the rest it says he is polished, makes excellent reads and can pick a defense apart, all characteristics that says he will thrive in HCMcD's spead offense. This guy could walk in and immediately be in contention for starting QB, If you haven't you really should read the info above because there is a pretty good chance you'll be seeing him in Dove Valley soon.


I went a head and got the analysis here it is:



Positives: Ascending talent whose intangibles for the position are just as impressive as his physical tools. Cerebral player. Reads defenses well and rarely throws into coverage. Goes through his progressions quickly and takes what the defense gives him. Recognizes the blitz very well for a player of his experience and often targets the weak link on defense when blitzed. Good setup and a smooth over-the-top delivery. Legitimate NFL arm strength. Capable of making every NFL throw, including the deep ball. Rather than relying on pure arm strength as some of the other highly touted passers of the 2009 class do, however, Sanchez combines good velocity with rare anticipation, especially for a player of his limited experience. Consistently releases his passes before his receivers have made a break, giving the defense little time to react. Distributes the ball all over the field. Good short, medium, and long-range accuracy. Consistently places his passes where only his receiver can get it and throws a very catchable ball. When healthy, showed very surprising mobility for his size. Can evade the pass rush and will scramble if the defense gives free yards. Rare accuracy on the rollout. Squares his shoulders and can fire the ball with consistency and accuracy. Team captain. Blue-collar work ethic. Father, Nick Sanchez, is a fire captain in Orange Country, Calif.


Negatives: Only one season as the full-time starter and leaves USC with just 16 career starts. Career record of 4-2 outside of the state of California. Undeniable tools, but isn't yet a finished product. Runs a bit hot and cold and has a tendency to score touchdowns in bunches. Characterized by those close to the program as a very cerebral player who makes the right read, but many of his touchdown passes went to receivers with five or more yards of separation between the next closest defender, opening up some questions if USC's dominant athletes and the team's aggressive play-calling helped inflate his stock. Injury red flag: Suffered a dislocated left knee cap prior to the season opener and his mobility was limited at times.


Compares To: TRENT EDWARDS, Buffalo -- Sanchez, just beginning to come into his own after he was groomed in a pro-style offense since his prep days, might lack the game experience or incredible arm strength of Matthew Stafford, he does show a lot of moxie on the field, along with good patience and excellent timing and touch. He needs to be in a strong vertical attack, as he's best throwing downfield and does a great job of anticipating his receivers before they come out of their breaks.

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